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extol (someone or something) as (something)

To highlight and praise the positive aspects of someone or something by depicting it or them as having a certain quality or fulfilling a certain role. After he made that sizable donation, we extolled him as the savior of the program.
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extol someone or something as something

to praise someone or something as something. We extolled her as a heroine. The salesman extolled the medicine as a cure-all.
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praise someone or something to the skies

Fig. to give someone or something much praise. He wasn't very good, but his friends praised him to the skies. They liked your pie. Everyone praised it to the skies.
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praise to the skies

Commend lavishly or excessively, as in The critics praised the new soprano to the skies. This expression, alluding to lofty praise, was in the 1600s put as extol to the skies but acquired its present form in the early 1800s. Also see sing one's praises.
See also: praise, skies
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Their extolment of happy husbands and good wives was an echo of the American dream writ in the language of leisure and drink.
Whether it's the resurrection of yesterday's action heroes like Indiana Jones, John Rambo, and John McClane, 300's (2006) exploitation of Orientalist fears and extolment of white supremacist values, Spiderman's (2002) fantastic reimagining of the American Dream, or pseudo-liberal films like Charlie Wilson's War (2007) and War, Inc.
The motivation behind Leibniz and Voltaire's extolment of the Chinese emperor's policy of religious toleration was to condemn the religious strife occurring in Europe.
Detesting the sentimental, romantic extolment of warlike activities so often found in literature and official propaganda, he paints a grimly realistic picture of war which in 'Wordsworth's Immorality and Mine' he characterizes as 'empowered immorality'.
The approach proposed here is not yet another denouncement of scientific marketing philosophy in favour of the extreme post-modern marketer's extolment of art and the artisan as the panacea of marketing thought.
It showcased young aspiring musicians in a variety of instruments and categories, and their artistic expression and musical interpretations, bringing them much needed extolment.