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extol (someone or something) as (something)

To highlight and praise the positive aspects of someone or something by depicting it or them as having a certain quality or fulfilling a certain role. After he made that sizable donation, we extolled him as the savior of the program.
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extol someone or something as something

to praise someone or something as something. We extolled her as a heroine. The salesman extolled the medicine as a cure-all.
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praise someone or something to the skies

Fig. to give someone or something much praise. He wasn't very good, but his friends praised him to the skies. They liked your pie. Everyone praised it to the skies.
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praise to the skies

Commend lavishly or excessively, as in The critics praised the new soprano to the skies. This expression, alluding to lofty praise, was in the 1600s put as extol to the skies but acquired its present form in the early 1800s. Also see sing one's praises.
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Judith is a woman, as Helisenne remembers her, of exceptional beauty and virtue at the fore of "celles, pour lesquelles extoller tous vertueulx se travaillent" ("those whom all good people work to praise") and of those who "de sempiternele louenge sont dignes" (K ii: "are worthy of eternal praise").
Thus, he penned vitriolic humour to extol its extollers and to denigrate its 'ingrates.
Have you noticed that most of these extollers of curvy karma are skinny?
In writing this particular song, did Archie have in mind such extollers of memory as I, who find in memory--however painful certain of the events that are recalled--the desire for unity and oneness that defines the soul?
It was "to the lost children of Israel" against whom they turned their academic sermons about Jesus the Super-Jew; it was not against the evil done to the Jew of Nazareth whom generations of Christians allegedly nailed to a Gentile Cross to which the Jewish Jesus extollers devoted their countless works.
Surely this is one reason why it is attractive to engineers, physicists, meteorologists and so forth--and to extollers of market forces.