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extol (someone or something) as (something)

To highlight and praise the positive aspects of someone or something. After he made that sizable donation, we extolled him as the savior of the program.
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extol someone or something as something

to praise someone or something as something. We extolled her as a heroine. The salesman extolled the medicine as a cure-all.
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praise someone or something to the skies

Fig. to give someone or something much praise. He wasn't very good, but his friends praised him to the skies. They liked your pie. Everyone praised it to the skies.
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praise to the skies

Commend lavishly or excessively, as in The critics praised the new soprano to the skies. This expression, alluding to lofty praise, was in the 1600s put as extol to the skies but acquired its present form in the early 1800s. Also see sing one's praises.
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AaAaAa The monarch also stressed that this occasion "is a propitious time which prompts us to meditate on the lofty values extolled in the message of the Prophet Mohamad and think about the multiple meanings it conveys.
ENI)--Queen Elizabeth II extolled the unique role of the Christian church in the search for meaning in the modern world when she opened the Church of England's recent general synod in London.
Altruism" of the sort extolled by President Bush--a president squandering money earned by taxpayers, and sacrificing the lives of their sons and daughters, on behalf of foreign strangers--is a moral abomination and a crime against constitutional republicanism.
They are indoctrinated into the virtues extolled by the American Dream--honesty, hard work, competence, social justice, and modesty.
The virtues are extolled and elaborated on in beautiful prose and with the imaginative use of episodes in the lives of many people, rich and poor, famous and obscure.
Machiavelli extolled ancient Rome because of its practical achievements.
Much of the dietary advice directed in recent years at patients with heart disease has extolled the virtue of cutting down on fat by limiting consumption of meat and eating more vegetables.
Why not open up and play the extolled open, attacking soccer?
Converted to Roman Catholicism at 23, he invented a vision of the Catholic Middle Ages in which disease, tyranny, torture and repression were ignored and charity, community and closeness to nature were extolled.
Toni Morrison is often extolled as black America's most consummate writer.
Entitled "We Are Essentially One," the poem extolled Norman Bethune, a Communist surgeon who died in 1939 while treating Communist soldiers after the Japanese invasion.
For decades, nutritionists have extolled the virtues of fish oils and other foods rich in omega-3 fats as a means of keeping the heart healthy.