extend to (someone or something)

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extend to (someone or something)

1. To spread or continue to some area or point. Has the leak in the kitchen extended to the living room now too?
2. To include or encompass someone or something. The handbook extends to seniors too, so you'll get a demerit if your shirt isn't tucked in.
3. To cause something to become longer, either in physical length or duration. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "extend" and "to." Can you extend the measuring tape to this spot on the wall?
4. To share something with someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "extend" and "to." I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's passing. Please extend my sympathy to your mother as well.
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extend something to something

1. . to lengthen something to reach something. We extended the antenna to its full length. Extend your arm to the wall and see how straight you can make it.
2. to push a stated deadline further into the future. I will extend the deadline to Friday. We cannot extend the due date to next month.
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extend to someone or something

to reach all the way to someone or something. This policy extends to you also. The road extends to Los Angeles.
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extend to

1. To stretch out to some point: The road extends to the next city.
2. To lengthen or prolong something to some point: We extended the table's legs to raise its height. I'd like to extend my holiday to the weekend.
3. To include someone or something in a sphere of influence: These rules extend to applications submitted before this morning.
4. To offer something to someone: Extend my best wishes to your family.
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References in classic literature ?
An invitation was extended to us to visit the palace of the eldest son, the Crown Prince of Russia, which was near at hand.
In reply to another question, the state minister said that whatever honour was extended to us by Karachiites, we would come up to their expectations.
'The solidarity that you have displayed and the support that you have extended to us in the recent critical period that our country has been passing through, reinforces our belief that your sapient leadership will help further advance bilateral relations between Turkey and Pakistan to new heights.
"I can only tell you that we have not had an invitation that was extended to us. My understanding is that the journalists were invited, and I just do not have anything beyond that," she said on Tuesday at a regular briefing for journalists, World News reported.
Summary: Slew of privileges extended to US diplomats withdrawn as Islamabad hits back at Washington
The vast amount of loans extended to us by China will certainly be one of the reasons why it will view our country as a submissive weakling that easily gives in to whatever it does or say.
To that end, we are happy to have accepted an invitation which has been extended to us to contribute ideas to the council's cycling strategy.
Finally, I would like to extend our gratitude to the Lebanese authorities and the Lebanese people for hosting us in their beautiful country and express our appreciation for the close friendship and cooperation extended to us. Thank you very much once again for being with us today.
A delegation member, CEO of the furniture company in Turkey Hamza said that the love and affection extended to us in Pakistan has been unforgivable, while soon they would come to Pakistan with large investors and business delegation.
We would like to express our thanks to NEA for the great help they extended to us," Avestruz told newsmen.
Sayed adds: "The trust extended to us by our clients is well appreciated, and their needs and demands well understood.
We thank the Dubai Blood Donation Centre for the support extended to us during this blood donation drive, which enabled us to make a small contribution to the hospital's blood donation centre.
The song's success has now extended to US TV show Glee, which featured a cover version of the song in its most recent episode.
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