extend to (someone or something)

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extend to (someone or something)

1. To spread or continue to some area or point. Has the leak in the kitchen extended to the living room now too?
2. To include or encompass someone or something. The handbook extends to seniors too, so you'll get a demerit if your shirt isn't tucked in.
3. To cause something to become longer, either in physical length or duration. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "extend" and "to." Can you extend the measuring tape to this spot on the wall?
4. To share something with someone. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "extend" and "to." I'm so sorry to hear about your sister's passing. Please extend my sympathy to your mother as well.
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extend something to something

1. . to lengthen something to reach something. We extended the antenna to its full length. Extend your arm to the wall and see how straight you can make it.
2. to push a stated deadline further into the future. I will extend the deadline to Friday. We cannot extend the due date to next month.
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extend to someone or something

to reach all the way to someone or something. This policy extends to you also. The road extends to Los Angeles.
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extend to

1. To stretch out to some point: The road extends to the next city.
2. To lengthen or prolong something to some point: We extended the table's legs to raise its height. I'd like to extend my holiday to the weekend.
3. To include someone or something in a sphere of influence: These rules extend to applications submitted before this morning.
4. To offer something to someone: Extend my best wishes to your family.
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Respect is also extended to someone who is of higher status, like a former teacher (but not the current teacher), or a member of the religious (but only males, as far as I know, and more often for bishops).
In Brunes case, the employer suffered from negative inferences drawn by a quick decision to withdraw a job offer extended to someone once deemed a great hire.
Yet the insurance company later denied coverage, pointing to language that required additional insured status be extended to someone "with whom you have agreed to add as an additional insured." The insurance company successfully argued that this was different from a requirement to give such status to someone "for whom" the primary policyholder had agreed to extend additional insured coverage.
While home loans are extended to someone with a regular income stream, the objective of LAP is to provide liquidity to someone who already owns a property.
An alternative view might be that this was simply a courtesy extended to someone who had some knowledge of what the ceremonies meant.
Will all those participants who submitted their names for December 18 please take note - while there is no need to reconfirm your attendance, if you registered previously and now find yourself unable to attend, please inform me (telephone number below) as places are now limited and your invitation can be extended to someone else.
Presumably not with the same indulgence the BBC extended to someone called Steve Claridge, who was also ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid community work, when he was found guilty of that offence.
Originally meant someone whose name did not come up on Google search but extended to someone of little importance to a topic or social grouping.
It could be extended to someone of Mediterranean appearance.
'Malasakit sa kapwa' is altruism extended to someone as if that person were one's self or own kin.
Originally meant someone whose name did not come up on Google but extended to someone of little importance to a topic or social grouping.
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