extend sympathy

extend one's sympathy (to someone)

to express sympathy to someone. (A very polite and formal way to tell someone that you are sorry about a misfortune.) Please permit me to extend my sympathy to you and your children. I'm very sorry to hear of the death of your husband. Let's extend our sympathy to Bill Jones, who is in the hospital with a broken leg. We should send him some flowers.
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He said: "All that can be done is to extend sympathy to the family of the dead girl who have suffered this appalling bereavement.
This nation will extend sympathy and solidarity to the families who once looked to Rover for their livelihood.
He added: "Firstly I would like to extend sympathy to the family, wife and children of this man.
Quite rightly, the majority of us can only extend sympathy to those who must feel mortified that, within their vast numbers, lurks a bunch of lunatics with one shared ambition - to bring about the destruction of our democracy.
Most marriages can stand such a strain if both partners are prepared to extend sympathy and understanding to the other.
On behalf of the community here I extend sympathy to the family following this very sad incident.
But his response to being awarded the captaincy was to extend sympathy to his predecessor, McAllister.
On behalf of the community I extend sympathy to the family following this sad and frightening incident.
It is easy for European federalists to prep up street demonstrators; to "invite" Ukraine to look towards the West; to offer billions of euros over the next couple of years; and to extend sympathy for the masses camping out into the streets of Kiev.
The crew of Bundoran RNLI Lifeboat were honoured to keep watch over this solemn event and extend sympathy to the McSherry family and Alan''s friends.
It's tempting to extend sympathy to Thousand Stars until you examine his own career path.
His gravelly voice rumbled with suitable outrage over Reagan's farm policy, and then, poised to extend sympathy, Burdick turned to a young farmer and asked how he was managing financially.
I would like to extend sympathy from the club to his family.
Our society has, by the time most people reach adulthood, well schooled its members in the rules for when to extend sympathy and when to withhold it.
Intuitions that may have evolved to deal with life in the clan or the tribe are now enabling us to extend sympathy to other people and treat them as having interests equivalent to our own.