extend credit

extend (one) credit

To allow one to owe money or use credit to purchase something. The bar won't extend me credit anymore, not with all the money I owe them already. The bank agreed to extend the company credit in order to finance its renovations.
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extend credit (to someone or a company)

 and extend someone or a company credit
to allow someone to purchase something on credit. I'm sorry, Mr. Smith, but because of your poor record of payment, we are no longer able to extend credit to you. Look at this letter, Jane. The store won't extend credit anymore.
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On Sunday, the bank said that it was ready to extend credit to ensure that some level of credibility is restored in the banking sector.
The decision to extend credit appears political rather than commercial and VTB once again looks like a state vehicle rather than a profitoriented business.
Saudi investors pledged on Wednesday to invest in Bosnia with $50 million starting capital and Turkey said that one of its banks will extend credit lines for infrastructure projects.
The number of small business owners who extend credit to their customers has dropped: 27 percent said they extend credit, compared to 32 percent who extended credit in April 2008.
This sixth EIB loan to Banco de Ahorro y Credito ADEMI represents the maximum 50% of the overall 14 million project to enable ADEMI to extend credit to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas.
"When the banks are forced to extend credit at 24 percent, they say they don't have the resources, but when the interest rate is raised to 27 percent, it appears they do have the money," Farrokh-Mehr told the Mehr news agency.
The Red Flags Rule, originally adopted by the FTC in November 2007 but not yet made effective, requires entities that extend credit to customers to develop policies and procedures to detect, prevent, and mitigate identity theft.
THE Raceform Update Exchecker column last week featured a proposal that Betfair and the Tote get together and extend credit to Scoop6 punters who need to hedge going into the bonus race, or more often, into the final leg of the standard bet.
"Our clients are then able to combine the information they receive from Patriot Act Services with other data available to them, and can make an informed assessment about whether they should extend credit, make a sale, lease property, or provide other goods or services to the customer," Kemp explained.
She called every business the ID thieves had tried to scam and told them not to extend credit to the impostors.
About the same proportion owed money to British creditors, preferring to extend credit to fellow elites as an important sideline to planting and become debtors to those they knew and trusted.
Yuanita said the company sought loan from foreign financers as local banks refuse to extend credit for the acquisition.
The term financial institution includes not only institutions regulated by the Board and other federal banking agencies, but also includes other financial entities, such as merchant creditors that extend credit and report negative information.
When a practice makes the decision to extend credit to patients, it assumes the risk and the consequences of not receiving full payment at the time of treatment.