extend credit

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extend (one) credit

To allow someone to owe money or use credit. They won't extend me credit anymore, not with all the money I owe.
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extend credit (to someone or a company)

 and extend someone or a company credit
to allow someone to purchase something on credit. I'm sorry, Mr. Smith, but because of your poor record of payment, we are no longer able to extend credit to you. Look at this letter, Jane. The store won't extend credit anymore.
See also: credit, extend
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The Kenyan central bank has announced a plan to extend credit to restore banking sector stability.
Saudi investors pledged on Wednesday to invest in Bosnia with $50 million starting capital and Turkey said that one of its banks will extend credit lines for infrastructure projects.
When you extend credit to patients and allow them to pay over time, you put your practice's financial health at risk.
Under most current situations, the only two outcomes measured and studied are the ones that occur when we extend credit.
The survey suggests it is becoming less risky to extend credit," said Douglas Handler, an economist with Dun and Bradstreet.
The CBJ is expected to sign a USD100m loan agreement with the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, so as to extend credit to SMEs via local banks.
Except for a few exemptions, the act prohibits a publicly owned BHC (public BHC) and its subsidiaries from extending credit, or arranging for another entity to extend credit, in the form of a personal loan to any director or executive officer of the public BHC.
Bank of Tokyo, a creditor of the company, alleged it agreed to extend credit to Globe based on financial statements prepared by the CPA firm.
Global Banking News-January 21, 2013--Indonesia vice president asks banks to extend credit to youngsters(C)2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
This part establishes rules under which a Federal Reserve Bank may extend credit to depository institutions and others.