extend across

extend across (something)

To stretch across or over something. When we noticed the dark clouds extending across the skyline, we quickly packed up our things and ran from the beach.
See also: across, extend

extend across something

to spread across something. The shadows extended across the whole land. The fog extended across the low-lying land.
See also: across, extend
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The retained facade was propped during construction to contain three levels of reconfigured space, Toward the rear of the site, within a predetermined controlled volume, these spaces extend across the plot from street to street and rise to six storeys.
The company's customers are said to extend across the entire rubber supply chain, from natural rubber producers in equatorial countries to high tech aerospace manufacturers.
Objects resembling miniature building frameworks also extend across the floor, linked to the wall by long dotted acetate strips that evoke roads, flowcharts, or diagrams in an assembly manual.
It specializes in providing fiber-optic components for metropolitan area networks, the middle ground between telecommunications networks that extend across states and so-called ``last mile'' networks that provide businesses and residences with service at the neighborhood level.
This is architecture writ large, both conceptually and often literally - Superstudio's Continuous Monument was designed, in theory, to extend across the whole globe putting 'cosmic order on earth'.
The project marks the ongoing expansion of the Town Center development, which will ultimately extend across McBean Parkway.
A clerestory on either side, and a flush panoramic window extend across the full width of the facade which faces across a valley.
3 million miles of Earth during the night and will extend across a patch of sky several times the size of the full moon.
Vineyards extend across the terrain, from the top of the mountains down to the edges of the sea.
Citrus groves extend across its lower slopes and the Channel Islands lying off the California coast are visible in the far distance to the west.