extend across

extend across (something)

To stretch across or over something. When we noticed the dark clouds extending across the skyline, we quickly packed up our things and ran from the beach.
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extend across something

to spread across something. The shadows extended across the whole land. The fog extended across the low-lying land.
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"At the moment that is confined to more northern areas but by the end of tomorrow it will extend across much of the UK.
The analyst, however, continues to believe the primary driving force of Sorrento's share price is "locked in its product pipeline." With "numerous high-value opportunities" that primarily extend across immuno-oncology, pain management, and animal health, D'Silva sees a positive risk/reward on the stock.
A Met Office forecast said: "Strong northerly winds are expected to develop during Saturday night across Northern Ireland and extend across much of Wales and southwest England before easing during Sunday.
The award will be a yearly event debuting in Lagos, Nigeria with plans to extend across Africa as a whole.
The city will stretch over 26,500 sq km of land and extend across the Egyptian and Jordanian borders.
The report brought together 24 international experts to review existing research into dementia, and the risk factors they pinpointed extend across the lifespan.
The overall development, when fully completed, will extend across nine islands and meet the leisure-destination desires of the world's large and rapidly-growing medium to upscale the leisure segment.
Laurentian Bank (TSX: LB), a Canadian financial institution whose activities extend across Canada has announced a donation of USD25,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to help the flood victims in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and New Brunswick.
Laurentian Bank of Canada is a banking institution whose activities extend across Canada.
Tall, narrow panels on every floor pivot open, allowing light and air to filter in, while huge, plate glass windows enable sightlines that extend across entire floors and beyond.
This dry weather does extend across much of southern France with temperatures in the low 20s and dry.
The WSJ notes that the campaign will extend across television and print, and all of the flavors that are impacted (40% of all Haagen-Dazs flavors) will have a burst on the package that will explain the problem, what Haagen-Dazs is doing to help and how people can be involved.
The retained facade was propped during construction to contain three levels of reconfigured space, Toward the rear of the site, within a predetermined controlled volume, these spaces extend across the plot from street to street and rise to six storeys.