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expurgate (something) from (something)

To remove content that may be deemed objectionable from something, such as a book or show. I'm sure they've expurgated all the racy scenes from the movie if they're showing it on basic cable.
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expurgate something from something

to cleanse something by removing something. (Often refers to editing objectionable material from written or broadcast material.) They expurgated the most graphic passages from the novel. We will expurgate the offensive matter from the article.
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As a result, texts have been expurgated of references to: sexual innuendo, the disabled, junk food, stereotyping of women (by showing them cooking, for example), scantily clad people, rainbows (gay agenda), age groups, religions, racial or ethnic groups, Satanism, rock and roll music, serious car accidents.
All her competitive results achieved since December 15 2000,have now been expurgated from competition records.
Nearly twenty years after the appearance in expurgated form of the hanky-panky purveying The Garden of Eden--not to mention Kenneth Lynn's revisionary biography--the subject has so come to dominate Hemingway studies that scholars who entered the field after the mid-1980s can hardly imagine a time when such once keystone concerns as war, the code hero, expatriation, and generational malaise were ever examined on their own merits rather than through the refracting lens of sexual difference.
According to the general rule, Catholic school plays had to be cleaned--"expurgated"--of female roles and of love scenes considered as immoral and harmful for pupils.
Gomez Canseco maintains that Avellaneda's socio-political fervor impelled him to compose an expurgated version of Cervantes' radical novel; in the sequel all of Cervantes' subtle social criticism would be replaced by a right-wing agenda.
Next, author and journalist Judith Levine writes in "Promoting Pleasure: What's the Problem?" that pleasure has been virtually expurgated from sexuality education curricula and that is has become a "hidden discourse."
In her introduction Richard-Allerdyce says that Nin lied a great deal (true), but, later, she appears to accept everything that Nin wrote in the unexpurgated (or, as the critic aptly says, "less" expurgated diaries).
Powell took no such offense, curiously enough, when his agency slapped a $7,000 fine on a Colorado radio station for playing an expurgated version of an off-color Eminem rap song.
It is no disgrace that not many definitive answers could be given, but old questionnaires had to be abandoned and dismissed, because they were serving more an idea of art history (iconography, history of forms, philology), instead of examining the expurgated, and not so "conclusive" historical evidence (here I feel reminded of the Emperor's New Clothes metaphor): the books, their pictures, and--equally important--their users.
Today even reasoned and conscientious disagreement with their claims and tactics is reflexively attacked and shouted down as "homophobia", a social tumor to be expurgated, rather than a body of thinking to be argued with.
The same editors would have none of it and published expurgated versions.
It was first published in drastically expurgated form in 1905.
A legend was associated with this hound, which is common to most Indo-European peoples: He had defended his master's child against a wild beast (in Guinefort's case, a huge snake), but had been suspected by his master of killing the child and had been wrongly stabbed to death by him." (An expurgated version of this story still survives in the Walt Disney movie, "Lady and the Tramp.") Stephen of Bourbon's reaction was to immediately disinter and bum the poor dog saint's bones.
But Ravelstein, even in its expurgated form, made me wish that I'd been able to meet Bloom.