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expurgate something from something

to cleanse something by removing something. (Often refers to editing objectionable material from written or broadcast material.) They expurgated the most graphic passages from the novel. We will expurgate the offensive matter from the article.
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Donald Friede, who was working for Liveright at the time, probably would have pointed out to Aldington the Barnes-Liveright exercise in asterisks and outrage, since he had helped Barnes expurgate the text.
But they did not file a report of her probable death nor ask the local government office to expurgate her name from the family records.
The word bowdlerize was current by the mid-1830s as a synonym for expurgate, and it is now used in a pejorative sense.
eleven's eXpurgate service includes real-time virus outbreak detection, a unique spam filter and an email categorization service that ensures that no relevant email message is falsely filtered as spam ("Zero False Positives").
Individually, such items can offer a Miller scholar (or fan) a flash of insight about a particular moment, as with Miller's letter to Blanch Knopf (page 101) in which he assures her that he won't ever expurgate his books because "They'll take me as I am, before I croak--I'm sure of it.
Publishers persisted, promising to alter and expurgate everything to the censor's taste.
The latest version of eXpurgate provides customers with a reliable tool to protect themselves and the business," Rothe added.
The film had its Lebanese theatrical release at the beginning of May, and Lebanon's Catholic Information Council (CCI) this week filed a request with the General Security Directorate for it to expurgate specific scenes from the film, citing complaints the CCI has received in the last few days.
The company's eXpurgate technology, which combines efficient spam recognition with an extremely low false-positive rate, will integrate with Mailstream Manager to provide enterprises a powerful anti-spam solution to combat unsolicited and malicious email.