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expunge (something) from (something)

To remove or delete something from something. The term is often used in reference to legal issues. When will this offense be expunged from my record?
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expunge something from something

to erase something from something. The judge ordered the clerk to expunge the comment from the record. Please expunge the lawyer's remark from the transcript.
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(54) See Expunging Criminal Records, SACRAMENTO CNTY.
A report issued by The Ruhama Group, which promotes the rights of sex workers, called for the Government to examine the possibility of "expunging women's criminal records to facilitate their move into alternative employment".
The original Frenchlanguage edition of the comic book and its 1971 British translation are aligned in parallel rows with all text removed from the panels to show how its British translators and publishers transformed the later version, not only entirely expunging anti-Jewish images and all depictions of the British Navy and British Mandate forces in Palestine, but actually changing the setting to a fictional Middle Eastern emirate called Khemed.
Lawrence, Davidson says, provides the legal argument for expunging their records, voiding their convictions, and possibly, as Limon hopes, getting them sprung from prison.
He also said the keeping of such fingerprints by the government, which is now in the process of expunging them, is not illegal.
After expunging several moderates from key leadership positions in several state Republican conventions beginning in 1994, as well as contributing to the landslide victory of Republicans in the November 1994 elections, the Christian Coalition has emerged in 1996 as the dominant and most influential lobbying group in the Republican Party--and arguably the most influential in American politics today.
SL: Yes, I know the pragmatic line and sinker: If it does work, it's "true." You're about to tell me that you can therefore take any constitutional clause and argue coherently both for and against expunging it.
IN A rare gesture, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan ordered for expunging of her own remarks made on Tuesday against Congress members who were disrupting the House.