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expunge (something) from (something)

To remove or delete something from something. The term is often used in reference to legal issues. When will this offense be expunged from my record?
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expunge something from something

to erase something from something. The judge ordered the clerk to expunge the comment from the record. Please expunge the lawyer's remark from the transcript.
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The speaker said that whenever the words are expunged, the media is communicated and media itself has responsibility to refrain from reporting such material.
Instead Gateshead, who lost twice to Chester, and Luton, who drew both games, will benefit with the Deva side's record being expunged.
Gray said: "We are not resting on our laurels now King's Lynn have had their results expunged, not at all.
Solihull's Second XI, who have carried on fulfilling their fixtures, will be allowed to complete their programme as friendlies, assuming existing clubs are happy still to keep the dates with their results also expunged from the records.
Expunged as objects of voyeuristic fixation, the athletes remain as mobile plasma animating the scene, a scrim through which the audience in the gallery confronts the audience in the arena, while Pfeiffer and his technological manipulations face down the still photographers crouching ringside.
The main subjects of the photos, however, have been not-so-gracefully expunged so as to not to distract from the task at hand.
A plan to legalize recreational marijuana in Illinois also would allow those with low-level marijuana convictions to have their records expunged.
Earlier, the speaker expunged Azma Bokhari's remarks calling Imran Khan 'selected prime minister'.
For now, the affidavit filed in court is expunged," the judge said.
Braunschweig appeals, arguing that the circuit court erred in sentencing him for second offense OWI because his previous conviction for OWI while causing injury as a first offense was expunged and, therefore, is a nullity that cannot be counted as a prior conviction when determining the penalty for OWI-related offenses.
In a press conference on Friday, Enzo's mother Remy said a July 5 resolution of the CA's Special 17th Division expunged from the records the Pastor family's opposition to Guerrero's petition to have the arrest warrants nullified.
Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq quickly took notice of Chaudhry's remarks, asking for the word to be expunged from official records.
ANGRY over repeated disruptions, Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari on Tuesday wondered if the House had become a " federation of anarchists" -- a comment that sparked a storm with the BJP demanding its withdrawal and a UPA Minister asking for it to be expunged.