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by ankle express

By walking (to a certain location). My car's in the shop, so we'll have to go to the store by ankle express. It'll take us forever to get there by ankle express! Can't you give us a ride?
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in round numbers

In or as a rounded, approximate number. And what do you think an expansion on the house like that would set us back, in round numbers at least? In round numbers, childcare is going to cost us about $2,000 a month.
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by ankle express

Fig. on foot. After my horse was stolen, I had to go by ankle express. It's a five-minute drive, forty minutes by ankle express.
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express one's anger

to allow a release or expression of anger, such as through angry words, violence, or talking out a problem. Don't keep your emotions inside of you. You have to learn to express your anger. Bob expresses his anger by yelling at people.
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express (oneself) to someone on something

to say what one thinks about something. I will express myself to Karen on that matter at another time. She expressed herself on Karen to the entire group.
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*in round numbers

 and *in round figures
Fig. as an estimated number; a figure that has been rounded off. (*Typically: be ~; express something ~; write something ~.) Please tell me in round numbers what it'll cost. I don't need the exact amount. Just give it to me in round figures.
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express oneself

Reveal or portray one's feelings or views through speech, writing, some form of art, or behavior. For example, I find it hard to express myself in Italian, or Helen expresses herself through her painting, or Teenagers often express themselves through their attire, haircuts, and the like. [Mid-1500s]
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in round numbers

Also, in round figures. As an approximate estimate. For example, How much will the new highway cost, in round numbers? or In round figures a diamond of this quality is worth five thousand dollars, but it depends on the market at the time of selling . This idiom, which uses round in the sense of "whole" or "rounded off," is sometimes used very loosely, as Thomas Hardy did in Far from the Madding Crowd (1874): "Well, ma'am, in round numbers, she's run away with the soldiers." [Mid-1600s] Also see ballpark figure.
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Siberian express

n. an enormous mass of very cold air moving from Siberia, across the North Pole, and down onto North America. The country braced itself for a return Friday of the Siberian express with temperatures dropping to twenty below in many areas.
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It is whatever is not expressible through words but accessed through poetic modes of expression such as music.
As the robots high-five delightedly, they explain to their bewildered human companions that both numbers are expressible as the sum of two cubes.
As Wittgenstein put it: "What is expressible through language I call thought.
We show here that any parallel tensor of order ([less than or equal to]3) are expressible in terms of ([g.
While they may not yet have the verbal capacity to express it (we wonder whether music is ever completely expressible in words), children feel the music as they hear it, and are captivated by it.
the limits of the expressible, the threshold of meaning, by allowing the
23) The foregoing discussion implies, incidentally, that there is actually nothing bizarre or irrational about a finding expressible as k > 1 in (27).
In spite of different manufacturing processes used in Estonian oil shale processing industry and changeable quality of feed oil shale, the volume of oil (y, t) is truthfully expressible according to the equation y = 0.
The method of this invention involves the construction of a recombinant nucleic acid sequence which comprises a specific transcriptional promoter, a first gene expressible in eukaryotic cells linked to said transcriptional promoter, IRESMP or IRESCP located 3 to the first gene and a second gene expressible in eukaryotic cells, located 3 to IRES sequence such that the second gene is placed under the transcriptional control of IRES sequence originated from tobamovirus genome.
V] is expressible in terms of the Fermi coupling constant according to the relation [4]
To those who believe that the Kirkland Project is a tendentious, politically motivated institution that has no place at a liberal arts institution, the Committee responds that "We believe that it would be dangerously inappropriate for a liberal arts college to restrict the kinds of points of view expressible in the missions of established or broadly supported campus organizations.
We can exercise conscientious autonomy in our fidelity to a routine or a goal, our diligent emulation of a model, or our expressed commitment to a value, and these normative tribunals may or may not be expressible in the form of principles.
The second area deals with functions F(z) that are expressible in the form of definite integrals or contour integrals [31].
I think his friendship with Watson is a kind of love affair,' agrees Rupert, ' but it it is not really expressible as a love affair in our terms.
None of the male fish in the second generation had normal testes, and they did not produce expressible sperm, although the females were fertile.