express anger

express (one's) anger

To release or share one's anger in some way. I express a lot of my anger in therapy. He never expressed his anger to me, so I had no idea he was so unhappy.
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express one's anger

to allow a release or expression of anger, such as through angry words, violence, or talking out a problem. Don't keep your emotions inside of you. You have to learn to express your anger. Bob expresses his anger by yelling at people.
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Bilawal should not express anger upon PM Imran as cases against Asif Ali Zardari were filed by those with whom you are having meals in their houses.
Psychotherapist Harriet Lerner, of the Menninger Foundation, added the following on the subject of how women who express anger are perceived: "Women who openly express anger at men are especially suspect...
It is quite normal and, in fact, healthy to express anger but it should be done with civility.
Chairman express anger to K-Electric staff for the excavation of road near Rab Medical center, Gulshan e Iqbal and gave instructions to stop the work , Chairman told them 'I will see the permit of excavation first after that i will decide to give permission for excavation.'
Also Read: PPP leaders express anger at govt over Kalabagh Dam, unjust distribution of funds
In another study, Sanford found that when people express anger, they often also feel sad.
Global Banking News-September 2, 2013--Bondholders express anger against Co-operative Bank management(C)2013 ENPublishing -
( A student protester identified only by his first name Matteo told euronews that the protests were not merely to express anger over the cuts, but to emphasize the importance of education.
However some shareholders may choose the meeting to express anger over the way Barclays handled the sale of a third of the company to Middle Eastern investors last year..
Conducted in partnership with girls, girl-serving professionals and organizations in communities across Canada, this study proposes that when anger is dismissed or silenced (due to narrow beliefs about femininity which continue to erode and deny young women of their right to feel and express anger), young women, out of fear of judgment, violence or rejection, take on chameleon-like lives, learning to change themselves in order to blend in and protect themselves from harm.
For example, We raise our eyebrows to show surprise and screw them up to express anger,
Learning safe ways to express anger may result in successfully addressing what triggered the angry response and help the child feel more effective in his or her world.
The Insult to Injury project, developed by Moseley-based Geese Theatre Company, successfully reduced the rage of the participating inmates who were less likely to express anger, either physically or verbally.
"A player knows where the line is and although it is natural to express anger when things go against your team you must never be abusive."
Every mother knows that when they are angry, their babies either cry or they might express anger themselves.