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expostulate about (someone or something)

To engage in a passionate discussion or argument about someone or something. Oh boy, steer clear of Uncle Ed if he's expostulating about politics again.
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expostulate on (someone or something)

To engage in a passionate discussion or argument about someone or something. Oh boy, steer clear of Uncle Ed if he's expostulating on politics again.
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expostulate about someone or something

 and expostulate on someone or something
to comment or argue intensely about someone or something. He always seems to be expostulating on something. Why can't he simply say "Yes" or "No"? Sam is expostulating on Bill's many shortcomings again.
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Put another way, Donne's commitment to scriptural reference in the Expostulations, as I have just shown in the volta of Expostulation Five, is a method by which he submits himself to the reading of scripture, rather than "imitat[ing it] by learning how to observe his body as a sign." (83) In fact, as I have argued, when Donne refers to Scriptural text in the Expostulation to Station Nine, he asks to be referred to the book for the purpose of reading, not appropriating.
Donne employs a three-part structure of Meditation, Expostulation, and Prayer in each station, but these individual subsections cannot be said to correspond too closely to the Ignatian devotional formula.
This should be based on long-term economic considerations, not aestheticism, however passionately the expostulation by persons opposed to wind harvesting.
Anne-Robert-Jacques Turgot's well-known expostulation in the Encyclopedie -- "the English do not have the exclusive right of being citizens" (2) -- neatly summed up the French effort to create public life.
So when Theresa DiPasquale begins her book with the admirably direct statement that 'John Donne's conception of poetry was influenced by his engagement in the theological debate over the sacraments', she is not making an unduly tendentious claim, though one is likely to add in the pedant's aged formula, 'To what extent?' In reply, she can cite Donne's representation of God in Devotions as 'a figurative, a metaphorical God' and could also have added that this Expostulation is largely concerned with the sacrament of baptism.
I'll forego further introductory expostulation, because there is a great deal to report on.
40 Too much horrified to speak, They can only shriek, shriek, Out of tune, In a clamorous appealing to the mercy of the fire-- In a mad expostulation with the deaf and frantic fire, 45 Leaping higher, higher, higher, With a desperate desire And a resolute endeavor Now--now to sit, or never, By the side of the pale-faced moon.
The poems cover a range of purposes, styles and moods: some commemorate significant events like the anniversary of their meeting, Mabel's birthday, and the birth of Mabel's son; others are written in response to immediate events, both momentous and trivial - from the series written about their holiday together at St Margaret's Bay near Dover in 1912 to the verse scribbled on the back of an envelope, entitled 'In Expostulation' and signed 'Myself,' written when Mary called on Mabel at her flat in South Yarra to find she was out.
Furious at the candid revelations of the Sonnets she inserted into her book a page of expostulation in prose against men who defame women, insulting the wombs that bore them, etc.
Likewise, nearly eight pages are devoted to the publication details from 1616 to 1692 of Jonson's Workes, all because of the presence there of Donne's commendatory poem on Volpone and, as Jonson's, 'The Expostulation'.
(2) Try to bring home (to), state by way of expostulation or incentive, represent the rashness of it .
Well, perhaps a more recent expostulation on the matter of ethicists declaiming in courtrooms might jog your thinking processes.
The grouping of poems in 1631 related to the dispute with Inigo Jones ('An Expostulation', 'To Inigo', 'To A Friend') expresses a clear set of arguments and opinions, and Burrow confidently suggests that the satires on Jones may have contributed to Jonson's fall from grace, and that the bitter tone implies Jonson's recognition that Jones had 'won' the quarrel, as in this:
For other inventive hexaemeral schemes in Donne, see the aforementioned 1619 sermon at Lincoln's Inn (2.11) and Expostulation 14 in Devotions.
For instance, in the poem "Expostulation and Reply," Wordsworth theorizes about taking a "passive" approach to nature that is not entirely unlike Clare's way of seeing and describing the sheep in the lines above.