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expostulate about (someone or something)

To engage in a passionate discussion or argument about someone or something. Oh boy, steer clear of Uncle Ed if he's expostulating about politics again.
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expostulate on (someone or something)

To engage in a passionate discussion or argument about someone or something. Oh boy, steer clear of Uncle Ed if he's expostulating on politics again.
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expostulate about someone or something

 and expostulate on someone or something
to comment or argue intensely about someone or something. He always seems to be expostulating on something. Why can't he simply say "Yes" or "No"? Sam is expostulating on Bill's many shortcomings again.
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Perhaps Dokumental'nye s"emki is meant to be seriocomic; perhaps it is meant to be read as satire; or perhaps it is simply a victim of its own attempt at "Babylon." There are moments (all too brief) where one can feel the potential for what the story might have been and could be: Bob ruminating on his life in the hotel room, for example, or Debbie's daughter wryly expostulating to her mother on the nature of parental love as they sit in a Japanese restaurant eating sushi before dawn.
Had the old rules been in place, had there not been a Matt Drudge and the dueling shouters expostulating on 24-hour cable networks, would Reston and the arbiters of news that once ruled Washington have saved us--and Bill Clinton--from the national embarrassment of Monica?
I'm getting back to a more exuberant style; I'll be expostulating and arm waving straight into the millennium, yes I will.
allow me the privilege of a father, and philosopher, in expostulating with you on this depression," he writes in a letter that offers more scolding than sympathy:
Brockmann-observed that "the vast majority of the intellectuals expostulating on German unification were, conspicuously, men," and cites Antje Vollmer of the Greens, who denounced the entire process of unification as "the dreams of old men."(13) Yet the centrality of the abortion issue, which highlighted the different status of women in both systems, indicates that from a feminist point of view the balance sheet of real existing socialism was not so easily subsumed under the West-East schema of right and wrong, victory and defeat.
Smith waving the Constitution on the Senate floor, expostulating, "I wouldn't give a red cent for all your fine rules, without there was some plain everyday, common kindness under 'em--and a little looking out for the next fella"?
" and left him expostulating to an angry crowd while she walked away.)
She heard voices expostulating, protesting, very far away, echoing against the vault.
As if it isn't enough to be made to feel guilty about every mouthful we eat (can you believe it, I heard a scientist expostulating about how eating fruit makes us obese!?) we are now to consider ourselves inadequate because we don't grow our own food.
The matron, Amalia Jovine, proves to be as adept at navigating these tricky waters as her old and worn-out husband, Gennaro, is at expostulating against this new way of life.
Catt and Wilkinson duly kicked England to safety and by the time Woodward's ageing Red Rose brigade met up with Australia in the final, even the vacuous pre-match expostulating about playing with ambition had gone.