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expostulate about (someone or something)

To engage in a passionate discussion or argument about someone or something. Oh boy, steer clear of Uncle Ed if he's expostulating about politics again.
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expostulate on (someone or something)

To engage in a passionate discussion or argument about someone or something. Oh boy, steer clear of Uncle Ed if he's expostulating on politics again.
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expostulate about someone or something

 and expostulate on someone or something
to comment or argue intensely about someone or something. He always seems to be expostulating on something. Why can't he simply say "Yes" or "No"? Sam is expostulating on Bill's many shortcomings again.
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Arnold expostulates that the offer is insulting, "the estimate of profits" appearing to be "a very low one." Arnold goes on to compare Smith's estimate of profits with one he obtained from Alexander Macmillan, who had apparently been more generous.
As soon as the ambassadors are gone, Polonius, saying he will not expostulate on the obvious, expostulates.
When the niece protests that she wants a realistic story, Miss Witherwell expostulates, "the poison of the realistic school has certainly tainted and withered your fancy in the bud," and she suggests the only two endings that seem to her appropriate for fiction: "Marry them,...
"Consider this," she expostulates: "If we all wrote right, who would be left?"
Miriam expostulates with her son before determining that it is necessary to kill him, 'O my deere Babe, had I in every limbe of mee a several life, so many lyves as I have lymbes to Death wold I resigne, to save thine one life' (71-2), and this source 'limbs' adds weight to the correctness of the frequently and unnecessarily emended 'limbs' of III.i.262.
Theroux expostulates at length--great length--upon the colors orange, purple, and green.
34), though furnished with commas and dashes, expostulates in paragraphs of disordered innuendo.
Through the 784 letters and cards written over this period we learn of his continuing activity in publishing and distributing Lady Chatterley's Lover, and of his schemes for outwitting the many perpetrators of pirated copies; he is preoccupied, at a distance, with the exhibition in London of his paintings, and of the project to publish a volume of reproductions of them; although he `gives up writing', he manages to complete odd essays, forewords, poems, and Apocalypse; he reads, argues, encourages, expostulates, invites old friends and new to stay with him, and moves at least seven times, apart from his last few weeks in the sanatorium.
He expostulates, "how many burdens she lightened, how many crosses she garlanded with hope" (10).