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expostulate about (someone or something)

To engage in a passionate discussion or argument about someone or something. Oh boy, steer clear of Uncle Ed if he's expostulating about politics again.
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expostulate on (someone or something)

To engage in a passionate discussion or argument about someone or something. Oh boy, steer clear of Uncle Ed if he's expostulating on politics again.
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expostulate about someone or something

 and expostulate on someone or something
to comment or argue intensely about someone or something. He always seems to be expostulating on something. Why can't he simply say "Yes" or "No"? Sam is expostulating on Bill's many shortcomings again.
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The deeply rooted lack of seriousness in his adopted land would have had to enforce a heavy depression as he rehearsed often ungifted actors in productions like Gogol's The Inspector General (in which he had gloried under Stanislavsky's direction), or expostulated idealized theories to starstuck students who had no sense of ensemble and scant knowledge of the rich tradition of European classics on which Chekhov had been bred.
Unlike so many others, I never fell in love while in Florence, alas, but on a later visit I made a friend, a book clerk working at the well-known Feltrinelli bookstore, and it was Flavio who expostulated the much-used "Ah, certo!" ("of course") to the anecdote of my first night in town.
After a presentation by Hall at the Chicago Kindergarten Meeting in 1899, an anonymous author in the Chicago Post expostulated: "The idea among the uncivilized people of the world to-day is that boys and men should fight ...
Sir Sefton Brancker, an aviator responsible for the expansion of the Royal Flying Corps at the outbreak of war, expostulated in 1916:
A little later, the fiery Bishop Epiphanius of Salamis expostulated, "They paint the Saviour with long hair, and this by conjecture because He is called a Nazarene and Nazarenes wear long hair.
"The Dutch!" he expostulated. It seems that one byproduct of EU membership, economic prosperity, and generous welfare benefits has been that ne'er do well Dutch and other European youth have found Dublin a hospitable place to idle away their time.
The psychosocial phenomenon expostulated by Lippmann is exacerbated when the subject matter of the reportage is itself sensitive and/or emotionally charged.
In the Sermon and the Charges, Marrant and Hall expostulated a vital and portentous genealogy of African America.
When told by a convention official that the problem was that the adding machine broke down an expasperated Senator Grattan O'Leary expostulated "God Almighty there must be more than one adding machine in the city of Toronto!" It was important that Stanfield, the convention winner, have Roblin with him in Ottawa.
Later, when Fields tasted it he expostulated "Somebody put pineapple juice in my pineapple juice.
In connection with Kennedy's repeated pressure for internal reforms in Saudi Arabia, Faisal once expostulated to this reviewer, who succeed Hart as ambassador to the kingdom, "Does the U.S.
The reader who knows Conrad's novella well has the additional pleasure of noting the playful self-deprecation of Heaney's comparing himself to the utterly unimaginative and inarticulate MacWhirr (also a native of Ulster), who at one point "expostulated against the use of images in speech" (72).
They pointed to Japan as America's number one competitor, if not enemy, and expostulated on the need to maintain a technological lead in terms redolent of the arms race.
Though I'd worked with her for most of Inring's very nonstandard day, handing things, holding things, pointing and prodding with her, I realized I hadn't even bothered to notice her hands--which for me was once about as automatic as the click-curses constantly expostulated' in both laughter and rage, among the shale-farmers of the equatorial zones of Celluv IX or the leisurely pursing of the brows before answering just about any question at all among the polar butane workers of Hatatki VII.
"I'm so happy for Julian," one critic expostulated, "I think he's found his true medium.