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expose (one)self

To show one's genitals in a public setting. A: "Did you hear that someone got busted for exposing himself at the mall?" B: "No! I'm really glad I stayed home today."
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someone or an animal to a disease; to place someone or an animal near a source of a disease Try to expose your children to chicken pox while they are young. It's horrible when you are an adult. He accidentally exposed his sheep to an infected animal.

expose someone or something to someone or something

to show someone or something to someone or something. You should not expose the children to violent movies at their age. Do not expose the film to the light.
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expose something (or oneself) to someone or something

to disclose someone's or something's secrets to someone or a group. He exposed his inner thoughts to everyone there. She refused to expose herself to the ears of the curious and ceased talking. He exposed himself to the public when he revealed his involvement in the arms sale.
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This, too, can be as challenging as exposing our broken lives to others.
Cleaning screens with the wrong solvent, exposing them to nail polish, or even scratching them, can render them unusable.
Now, they're taking the penchant for exposing chicanery to the world at large.
The first person to be charged under South Dakota's law was Nikko Briteramos, 18, who was arrested in late April and is accused of exposing at least 10 women to the virus.
The middle fossa approach was first used during the latter part of the 19th century as a means of exposing the trigeminal ganglion.
Washing everything down with bleach and/or exposing areas to high concentrations of ultraviolet radiation would effectively reduce the chance that dispersed spores will be recirculated enough to cause further infections.
His group also showed that exposing young male animals to an antiandrogenic pesticide just before puberty dramatically delays the maturation of their sexual organs.
Since it failed one of those tests in Vietnam, exposing itself to years of abuse, humiliation, and low public esteem, the Pentagon has been especially defensive, and eager for redemption--which the Persian Gulf War provided.
The present study provides further quantitative evidence of the deleterious effect of exposing NRL samples under stress to ozone.
A contract from a telecommunications company contains dozens of track changes - both insertions and deletions - potentially exposing negotiable terms.
Laboratory studies have shown that it is possible to induce gonadal duct disruption and germ cell disruption in early-life-stage (ELS) fish by exposing them to some of the estrogenic chemicals found in WwTW effluent, but generally this occurs only at concentrations higher than those found in the environment (Gimeno et al.
LANCASTER - An ex-convict who has a history of exposing himself to girls near schools has been sent back to prison for four months.
Voorhees and his colleagues made this observation by exposing skin samples taken from human buttocks.
Eran Reshef, Blue Security chairman and CEO, said, "Every minute, tens of thousands of e-mail addresses are accidentally shared over P2P networks, exposing millions of users around the globe to unsolicited e-mail.
Studies by several groups have shown that exposing pregnant rats to certain phthalates (di-n-butyl, diethylhexyl phthalate or butyl benzyl phthalate) during the period of sexual differentiation of the pups results in a collection of disorders in the male offspring similar to TDS disorders in men (Fisher et al.