expose (someone, something, or oneself) to (someone or something)

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expose (someone, something, or oneself) to (someone or something)

1. To bring someone, something, or oneself into contact with someone or something, often with negative consequences. Well, my mom is really sick, which means that we might have exposed the kids to the flu virus when we had her watch them last week. I created that bleached effect by exposing the film to the light. I try not to expose myself to too many news programs—it's too depressing.
2. To reveal private information to someone or something. If he exposed his true intentions to the board, he'd be fired for sure. She was arrested for exposing state secrets to a foreign agent.
3. To expose one's genitalia to someone. Almost always said of a man exposing his penis. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is always used. The video shows a man exposing himself to a woman in the parking lot.
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expose someone or something to someone or something

to show someone or something to someone or something. You should not expose the children to violent movies at their age. Do not expose the film to the light.
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expose something (or oneself) to someone or something

to disclose someone's or something's secrets to someone or a group. He exposed his inner thoughts to everyone there. She refused to expose herself to the ears of the curious and ceased talking. He exposed himself to the public when he revealed his involvement in the arms sale.
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The researchers exposed mice to one dose of DDT (0.5 mg/kg bw orally) on PND10 and then at 5 months of age exposed them to bioallethrin (0.7 mg/kg bw) (Johansson et al.
Schwartz' team took mice bred to be either sensitive or resistant to endotoxins and exposed them to corn-dust extract, among other substances.
We implanted three rats with telemetry transmitters and exposed them to concentrated particles 6 hr each day for 3 consecutive days and then rested them for 4 days.
To simulate conditions near expanding and exploding stars, Witt's team formed HAC films at 300 kelvins in a vacuum, then exposed them to ultraviolet light and high-energy hydrogen atoms and measured the HAC's spectra.
We transferred injected eggs to Petri dishes and exposed them to DMSO (0.1%) or TCDD (10 nM) immediately following injection or at 48 hr after fertilization for 24 hr.