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The researchers exposed mice to one dose of DDT (0.5 mg/kg bw orally) on PND10 and then at 5 months of age exposed them to bioallethrin (0.7 mg/kg bw) (Johansson et al.
Schwartz' team took mice bred to be either sensitive or resistant to endotoxins and exposed them to corn-dust extract, among other substances.
We implanted three rats with telemetry transmitters and exposed them to concentrated particles 6 hr each day for 3 consecutive days and then rested them for 4 days.
To simulate conditions near expanding and exploding stars, Witt's team formed HAC films at 300 kelvins in a vacuum, then exposed them to ultraviolet light and high-energy hydrogen atoms and measured the HAC's spectra.
We transferred injected eggs to Petri dishes and exposed them to DMSO (0.1%) or TCDD (10 nM) immediately following injection or at 48 hr after fertilization for 24 hr.