expose (someone, something, or oneself) to (someone or something)

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expose (someone, something, or oneself) to (someone or something)

1. To bring someone, something, or oneself into contact with someone or something, often with negative consequences. Well, my mom is really sick, which means that we might have exposed the kids to the flu virus when we had her watch them last week. I created that bleached effect by exposing the film to the light. I try not to expose myself to too many news programs—it's too depressing.
2. To reveal private information to someone or something. If he exposed his true intentions to the board, he'd be fired for sure. She was arrested for exposing state secrets to a foreign agent.
3. To expose one's genitalia to someone. Almost always said of a man exposing his penis. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun is always used. The video shows a man exposing himself to a woman in the parking lot.
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expose someone or something to someone or something

to show someone or something to someone or something. You should not expose the children to violent movies at their age. Do not expose the film to the light.
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expose something (or oneself) to someone or something

to disclose someone's or something's secrets to someone or a group. He exposed his inner thoughts to everyone there. She refused to expose herself to the ears of the curious and ceased talking. He exposed himself to the public when he revealed his involvement in the arms sale.
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The agency also said there was evidence that eating a lot of red meat (beef, lamb and pork) could expose one to cancers of the colon, pancreas and even prostate.But it is not all doom and gloom for meat lovers, as the University of California, San Francisco, researchers said the long-held belief that eating white meat is less harmful for your heart may still hold true because there may be other effects from eating red meat that contribute to cardiovascular diseases.
Although a rough terrain, requiring 4X4 wheel driving, CKGR will expose one to the admirable nature and treasured species.
London, June 7 ( ANI ): Slaving over a gas cooker in a stuffy modern kitchen could expose one to higher levels of toxic pollutants than walking through a smog-filled city centre, a new study has suggested.
In short, dual citizenship or other foreign country ties mean that actions suggesting foreign country preference, and situations that expose one to potential coercion should be avoided, as those scenarios compromise the safekeeping of classified information.
"Any kind of rapid increase, especially in impact activities, can expose one to overuse injuries.
Two hundred years ago, drinking from any stream, well, or spring could expose one to typhoid, typhus, cholera, and other diseases.
Sleeping on these mattresses and pillows can expose one to highly toxic chemicals such as Tolulene Di-isocyanate (TDI) used in manufacturing ; online forums are filled with reports from consumers who experienced a set of symptoms ranging from itchy eyes and skin to difficult breathing, irregular heartbeat, and more.