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export (something) to (something)

To sell or send something to another country. If we start exporting our products to Germany, it might lead to more business in Europe overall.
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something to some place to sell something abroad to a particular country. They are now exporting their products to Hungary. We are exporting all our product line to Eastern Europe.

export something to someone or something

to sell something abroad to someone or some country. The company exported alcohol to Brazil. We only export books to our agents abroad.
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However, the exports of cotton combed witnessed 189.61% growth as cotton carded or combed valuing US$ 215,000 exported as compared the exports of US$72,000 of same period of last year.
The export of electric fans in June 2019 was recorded at $3.37 million against export worth of $2.33 million and $3.8 million in June 2018 and May 2019 respectively.
Taking food exports to $6bn and sustaining that level should not be as difficult as years of misaligned priorities and a lack of pragmatic thinking have made it.
During the period under review, the exports to Afghanistan were recorded at $1189.977 million against $1494.923 million whereas the exports to Span stood at $926.967 million against $942.205 million.
Following massive devaluation in the previous year, a turnaround is still awaited in terms of export performance (granted quantities exported have increased in certain value-added segments).
During financial year ended on June 30, 2019, about 668,763metric tons of Basmati rice worth of US$ 639.250 million exported as against the exports of 560,995 meteic tons valuing US$581.847 million of same period of last year.
Export Bahrain aims to foster an ecosystem that is conducive to local export activities and achieve Bahrain Vision 2030, which focuses on encouraging exports and raising Bahrain's products and services in foreign markets.
Services exports, meanwhile, are projected to post single digit growth, lower than the double digit growth targeted for this year.
Among the SMEs surveyed, only 21 of the 480 respondents, or 4.4 percent, are currently exporting, and only 30, or 6.3 percent, intend to export in the next two years.
US, the biggest economy globally received the highest amount of Pakistani exports, with over $3.86 billion in proceeds being received by the national exchequer.
Interestingly, exports to Afghanistan showed a significant increase of 34.15%.
The country exported $13.881 billion worth of industrial products during the first 10 months of the current fiscal year, equal to 37.4 percent of country's overall non-oil exports including gas condensates, according to the data, released by Trade Promotion Organization of Iran.
Exports to the Philippines Imports from the Philippines Surplus
Textile exports fell 4.35% to $4.082 billion in the first four months of the current fiscal year of 2016/17; although the value-added sector, especially bedwear and readymade garments, showed a little sign of improvement during this period, official data showed.
In Pakistan, some sectors, after facing decline in exports in 2015-16, are now showing some positive indicators, as exports of jewellery and gems, bed wear etc, have shown positive trends in first two months of current fiscal year.