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export (something) to (something)

To sell or send something to another country. If we start exporting our products to Germany, it might lead to more business in Europe overall.
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something to some place to sell something abroad to a particular country. They are now exporting their products to Hungary. We are exporting all our product line to Eastern Europe.

export something to someone or something

to sell something abroad to someone or some country. The company exported alcohol to Brazil. We only export books to our agents abroad.
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'In terms of distribution, 15 out of 30 firms [either exporting or planning to export] are highly motivated to export 'to have new markets' and as a response to growing global demand for their product or service.
* Distribution Adaptation: Many studies researched distribution adaptation, which refers to the adjustment of the exporting firm's channel design in export markets.
Meanwhile, on Chile's southern coast, a small, 1,800-person Mapuche community in Tirua two years ago began exporting a ocean algae called cochayuyo to Taiwan and Japan, where it is not only eaten but also used as a key ingredient in facial and skin creams.
8) Don't expect the process of export market development to entail costs and timelines similar to those experienced in the home market; for direct exporting it typically costs more and takes longer.
Studies of nuclear export may also help scientists design variations of leptomycin B that prevent Rev from exporting HIV's RNA but allow cells to continue normal nuclear export.
Among other considerations, your supplier should be a well-managed, reliable firm with experience in exporting. Its management should want to handle your firm's export business.
During eleven months of last financial year, exports of transport equipment worth US$ 7.717 million exported, where as country earned US$ 41.451 million by exporting other electrical machinery.
Although Global Traders has experienced "steady growth" since its inaugural event in Sudbury in 1999, which garnered about 20 nominations, the number of nominations received for the 2001 event - about 40 - is not reflective of the number of companies actually exporting, says Quenneville.
"Hollywood has been exporting California to the world since the first movie was made here in 1911, so we take advantage of that name recognition in marketing our agricultural products," Klose says.
Leawood's approach is simple: Find small firms of 75 to 100 employees with one or two exportable product lines, then either purchase their goods and find markets abroad or undertake the risk involved in exporting them to buyers identified by the manufacturer.
Whether you're importing or exporting, you have to develop a market strategy, learn the process and regulations, understand the nuances of culture and customs, and be committed to making it work to be successful internationally.
Finding customers overseas is not difficult and there are many resources available that can help companies new to exporting. This article tells how to start.
Meanwhile, country earned US$ 1.411 billion by exporting about 3.380 million metric tons of rice other then basmati rice during the period under review as compared the exports of 2.860 million metric tons valuing US$ 1.077 billion of same period last year, it added.
At one extreme you have EXW, short for ex works, which is an export price that requires the foreign buyer to take receipt of the export shipment at the exporters place of business or at an agreed upon point of delivery within the exporting country.