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export (something) to (something)

To sell or send something to another country. If we start exporting our products to Germany, it might lead to more business in Europe overall.
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something to some place to sell something abroad to a particular country. They are now exporting their products to Hungary. We are exporting all our product line to Eastern Europe.

export something to someone or something

to sell something abroad to someone or some country. The company exported alcohol to Brazil. We only export books to our agents abroad.
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19) Do consider the option of pursuing both direct and indirect exporting concurrently, as they are not incompatible
Restrictions on exporting certain products from the United States also could create barriers.
To help CPAs assist clients interested in exporting, this article summarizes many of the export programs available for small businesses.
North Bay City officials say a $215,500 investment from the federal government will help fuel a three-year initiative to boost exporting among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the North Bay area.
When it comes to shipping goods abroad, firms new to exporting, especially those that do their own export packing and shipping arrangements, really risk running into problems.
These businesses admit that exporting is a risky business, but they say the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.
Housing construction has slumped in Toronto, while exporting to the U.