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export (something) to (something)

To sell or send something to another country. If we start exporting our products to Germany, it might lead to more business in Europe overall.
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something to some place to sell something abroad to a particular country. They are now exporting their products to Hungary. We are exporting all our product line to Eastern Europe.

export something to someone or something

to sell something abroad to someone or some country. The company exported alcohol to Brazil. We only export books to our agents abroad.
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Considerando que el proceso de internacionalizacion empieza con las exportaciones ocasionales y termina con la creacion de filiales de produccion en los mercados extranjeros, contar con una exportacion regular significa tener oferta exportable y capacidad de produccion para la exportacion.
In addition, strikes and violence related to political instability and persistent labor issues further disrupt production and industrial activity, making it difficult to supply and distribute exportable goods.
Iftikhar Ahmed, Senior Advisor on Programme Development FAO, said at a recently held seminar on Pesticides Residues in Exportable Horticulture Crops.
"We have to produce competitive products that are exportable. Organic agricultural products, for instance, are very popular in the international market," he said.
"We had calculated earlier an exportable surplus of 55 lakh bales which was permitted.
To preview our results and justify the question posed above, we note that in general the effects of these reforms are different when conducted within a monetary environment and depend on the size of financing frictions in the exportable relative to that in the importable sector.
Data is exportable to GIS systems, GoogleEarth or to XLI's own reports.
According to the official, road and rail links have been damaged due to floods and there have been difficulties in the movement of exportable goods from upcountry to ports of the country.
Enterprise link module now permits more exportable real-time data to keep third-party ERP/MRP systems updated.
Furthermore, exportable supplies will also decrease due to the reduced production and increased demand on feed.
Rising domestic demand is expected to constrain exportable supplies.
The reusable and rackable pallet is strong, durable, exportable and easy to clean.
The solution also features custom-defined schemes, enhanced format importing, scheduled power dialing, exportable reporting, dynamic call dispositioning, improved agent screen pop with custom data display and forced, and optional agent participation modes.
Tanzania has few exportable minerals and has only a primitive agricultural system.
It is consequently not exportable to another member state.