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export (something) to (something)

To sell or send something to another country. If we start exporting our products to Germany, it might lead to more business in Europe overall.
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something to some place to sell something abroad to a particular country. They are now exporting their products to Hungary. We are exporting all our product line to Eastern Europe.

export something to someone or something

to sell something abroad to someone or some country. The company exported alcohol to Brazil. We only export books to our agents abroad.
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Vietnam's agri exports reached $771 million while imports were only at $76 million.
It is pertinent to mention here that the overall exports from the country during the first two months of the current fiscal year witnessed decline of 8.
Saed Al Awadi, chief executive officer of Dubai Exports, said the growth in exports was enabled through diversification of products and opening of business channels in new markets.
Government contractors do have some additional hoops to jump through to obtain export tax benefits.
Kicked off by the excess supply created by Germany's mandated collection system in the early '90s, recovered fiber exports have been a mainstay of many merchants' business plans.
Seventy-five percent of all applications to export controlled items to Hong Kong were approved in 2002, with 21 percent returned without action, usually because a license was not necessary, and only 4 percent denied.
3) Do conduct an assessment of your firm's export readiness and needs, including management commitment, staffing, finances, production and shipping capacity, foreign market knowledge, etc.
is expected to face increased export competition from the EU this year.
Turns out what the Indians wanted from Johnson--poised, as they were that week, on the verge of war with Pakistan--was some advice on arms importing and production licensing now that some pesky arms export controls had been lifted by the Bush administration.
info-tech industry on export markets from South Korea to Argentina, contributing in no small way to this country's recent unbridled economic growth.
market for export credit insurance is expanding rapidly as exporters look for ways to maximize foreign sales while minimizing risk.
Since the Bush years, encryption software has been classified as a munition, meaning that companies need a special export license to ship products overseas, just as if they were shipping guns or warheads.