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drop a bomb

To reveal something that is very surprising or unexpected. Whoa, you can't just drop a bomb like that and leave—I need details about your new boyfriend! When we got a tip that the newspaper was about to drop a bomb about our candidate, we all wondered what information they could possibly have.
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drop a bomb(shell)

 and explode a bombshell; drop a brick
Fig. to announce shocking or startling news. They really dropped a bombshell when they announced that the mayor would resign. Friday is a good day to drop a bomb like that. It gives the business world the weekend to recover. They must choose their words very carefully when they explode a bombshell like that. They really dropped a brick when they told her the cause of her illness.
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explode with something

1. . Lit. to make a loud noise upon exploding or releasing energy. The bomb exploded with a thunderous roar. When the joke was finished, the audience exploded with laughter.
2. Fig. to burst out saying something; to be about to burst with eagerness to say something. The children exploded with protests when their parents told them it was bedtime. Hanna was exploding with questions.
3. Fig. to produce a sudden abundance of something. (Alludes to buds bursting or a sudden blooming or sprouting of vegetation.) The fields exploded with an enormous crop of wildflowers. The cherry trees exploded with blossoms.
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blow up in your face


explode in your face

COMMON If a situation blows up in your face or explodes in your face, it has a bad result that you did not expect. His outburst yesterday could blow up in his face. Those that have supported his cause will certainly question his motives. The scandal has exploded in the government's face.
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blow up in your face

(of an action, plan, or situation) go drastically wrong with damaging effects to yourself.
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drop a bomb

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In January, Longwood mum Donna Senior, was left reeling after an imitation iPhone charger exploded feet away from her sleeping five-week-old daughter.
In Baghdad, AP said, a parked car bomb exploded near a convoy carrying officials from the Ministry of Higher Education.
In another incident, three people were wounded when a bomb exploded in a
The householder heard a noise at his front door and was on his way to investigate when the device exploded.
The bus entered a service station to have one of its tires inflated and the tire exploded as a result of excessive pressure.
It "seems the two detonations were triggered by Israel which exploded two spying devices it had planted in the sector a long while ago," she added.
BOMBS exploded at a bus station and a market in Baghdad, killing 11 people and wounding 26 yesterday.
A China Airlines jet exploded into flames at an airport in Japan after arriving from Taiwan yesterday, but all 165 people aboard escaped alive, officials said.
Reynolds and his colleagues suggest that the star that ultimately exploded as a type 1a was more massive than usual, perhaps as much as eight times the sun's mass.
A town centre was rocked by a massive explosion as three tyres on a large fork lift truck exploded.
Then, from within those PDF documents, users can do things with that 3D image: rotate, pan, zoom; take cross sections; look inside; hide or isolate parts; make parts transparent; create animations and exploded views; edit the colors and lighting on the 3D model; and change or modify the texture and material properties of the parts that make up the model.
This spectrum shows how quickly the star's galaxy was moving away when the star exploded.
The Gun Digest Book Of Exploded Gun Drawings: 975 Isometric Views is a visual reference book especially for collectors, gunsmiths and hobbyists.
It sounds like the plot of a horror movie targeting an audience of amphibians: More than 1,000 toads had puffed up and exploded in a pond in Hamburg, Germany, according to an online report by Associated Press.
The bomb exploded near a Harvard law school building killing several people including student Mary Alice Boudreaux.