explain yourself

explain (oneself)

1. verb To clarify something that one has said or done. I'm sorry, I didn't quite follow your line of thinking—can you explain yourself?
2. verb To explain why one has done something, usually something bad or wrong. Often used as an imperative in the phrase "explain yourself." Now that they caught me plagiarizing, I'm going to have to explain myself before a disciplinary committee. Explain yourself—what could have possibly convinced you that it was OK to plagiarize your paper?
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exˈplain yourself

1 give somebody reasons for your behaviour, especially when they are angry or upset because of it: I really don’t see why I should have to explain myself to you.
2 say what you mean in a clear way: Could you explain yourself a little more — I didn’t understand.
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References in classic literature ?
If, on the other hand, you tell me that there are reasons (known to yourself, though unknown to me) for not taking the course I propose, I will accept that intimation without troubling you, unless you wish it, to explain yourself further.
"Indeed!" said Milady, in an anxious tone; "explain yourself, for I really cannot tell what you mean."
"Men, you say, are too gross to feel a pure friendship; in the first place, please to explain yourself on this point."
"Miss Clack, will you have the goodness to explain yourself?"
"Since you explain yourself with such frankness, it is our duty to be frank, likewise.
To just sit with other people without having to explain yourself ..."
''You have two young children and one day you may have to explain yourself to them.
And trying to explain yourself just makes you look bad sometimes.
Turn yourself in at the earliest opportunity, explain yourself and face the consequences."
"You don't need to explain yourself. We all have an Acquired Brain Injury and are like an extended family.
Talking loudly when trying to explain yourself to foreigners 31% 5.
If you are going to make the decision to publicly reject a nomination then be ready to explain yourself too.
"Kapag ikaw ay nahuli na nanunuhol o tumatanggap ng suhol, magpapaliwanag po kayo sa presinto (When you are caught bribing or accepting bribes, you have to explain yourself in the police station)," he said.
Then, of course, along came internet banking, and you didn't want Sheila in the internet office to think you actually were a naughty one, so you changed it to LittleMissCurly1, but then you'd forget and put in your first, original password, so they'd lock you out and you'd have to phone the Fraud Department and explain yourself and your questionable taste in passwords and they'd ask you security questions about your first pet and where it's buried and how many legs it had.