explain (oneself)

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explain (oneself)

1. verb To clarify something that one has said or done. I'm sorry, I didn't quite follow your line of thinking—can you explain yourself?
2. verb To explain why one has done something, usually something bad or wrong. Often used as an imperative in the phrase "explain yourself." Now that they caught me plagiarizing, I'm going to have to explain myself before a disciplinary committee. Explain yourself—what could have possibly convinced you that it was OK to plagiarize your paper?
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explain (oneself)

1. to explain what one has said or done or what one thinks or feels. (Formal and polite.) Please take a moment to explain yourself. I'm sure we are interested in your ideas. Yes, if you will let me explain myself, I think you'll agree with my idea.
2. to give an explanation or excuse for something wrong that one may have done. (Usually said in anger.) Young man! Come in here and explain yourself this instant. Why did you do that, Tom Smith? You had better explain yourself, and it had better be good.
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explain oneself

1. Clarify what one has said or done, as in If you have a few minutes, I'll try to explain myself. [First half of 1600s]
2. Demand or give an explanation or excuse for something wrong one has done. For example, You're three hours late-can you explain yourself?
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exˈplain yourself

1 give somebody reasons for your behaviour, especially when they are angry or upset because of it: I really don’t see why I should have to explain myself to you.
2 say what you mean in a clear way: Could you explain yourself a little more — I didn’t understand.
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The story is set in and with the Pokomo, and it leaves you wondering how western culture and socioeconomic history can permeate so fast and far wide, yet getting important information from our decentralised locations to our local centres of power requires walking, literally, towards mountains for constitutional conferences, where we have to explain ourselves to ourselves until we don't make any sense.
"Please allow us to explain ourselves. "At Scholars we care about the welfare of all our customers, staff and guests and with respect to the work attire worn by the serving staff provided by 'Butlers in the Buff' please let us stress that these gentlemen are dressed appropriately for the impending heat wave and for no other reason.
How often do we need to explain ourselves? Should we do it more often?
We have to find hooks and cultural anchorage to know who we are and explain ourselves, and this is why we need to study Iqbal and not allow his verses to become obscure, he said.
Statute of limitations gives us the clarity of memory to either defend ourselves or explain ourselves or even accept responsibility for things we have done, he said, adding later, Truthfully, its very hard to look back at every conversation Ive had.
It argues that reasonable moral thought requires us to explain ourselves when we have reason to doubt our moral judgment about some particular case, that any such explanation commits us to a general moral principle over some domain of discussion, and that this principle expands to cover more and more ground as we consider more and more cases.
It also involves a high degree of self-acceptance and owning everything that makes us who we are while resisting the urge to constantly validate or explain ourselves. While there's no escaping our need to belong, there's also no escaping the fact that our ability to make real connections is hindered if we do not connect with ourselves, first and foremost.
We are struggling to explain ourselves to those in our community who have now begun to view us with suspicion.
But how explain ourselves? How explain the sorrows of young Werther in our time?
And why should we have to explain ourselves anyway?
There was quite a bit of clattering - it was quite brutal and it was more like a formula two stock car race at times and we got hauled in by the officials to explain ourselves.
I remember we were trying to explain ourselves to the police and then I just drove through.
We use archetypes to explain ourselves to others; we grunt allusively about "you know, Jewish mothers," who loom with omniscient Zeus-like supremacy over all others; we lament aloudas I did just the other dayhow Vera Bradley no longer offers free monogramming on the uber-preppy tote bags they sell on their website, and then follow it up with a self-effacing, "That might be the single JAPpiest sentence I have ever uttered." A certain facility with these archetypesor stereotypes, if you likeadvertises your membership in a particular kind of club, one where mothers call every 20 minutes, where the quality of toilet paper in the hotel bathroom is of paramount importance, and everybody's shrink is gone in August.