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experiment (up)on (someone or something)

To perform tests on someone or something in order to gain insight and data about it. We got approval to start experimenting on mice, so we can see how the procedure affects their islet cells.
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experiment in (something)

To test or do research in a particular subject or area. My sister is experimenting in astrophysics and has done some very fascinating research.
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experiment with (something)

1. Literally, to use something as a component in research or tests. We got approval to start experimenting with this new procedure on mice, so we can see how the procedure affects their islet cells.
2. By extension, to try doing or using something new. I'm experimenting with basil tonight, even though I don't usually include it in this recipe. I just don't like the synth-heavy sound the band's experimenting with on this album.
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experiment in something

to conduct research or experiments about something. The research group is experimenting in the field of biomechanics. We want to experiment in thermodynamics.
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experiment (up)on someone or something

to use someone or something as the subject of an experiment. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Do you think we should experiment upon people? The researchers were experimenting on a new drug that might cure rabies.
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experiment with someone or something

to try different experiments on someone or something; to use different people or things as key variables in an experiment. They are supposed to be experimenting with new drugs. We no longer experiment with animals.
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Standardized (z-scored) scores of the number of pins that participants placed on the experimenter's hands and the total time (in seconds) that the pins remained on the experimenter's fingers were created.
All the presentations by participating curators will be added to the Experimenter Gallery website, making them accessible to a wider audience.
The expectation of fraud-proof experiments is based on the assumption that research can and should be conducted in a way that completely precludes the possibility of experimenter fraud.
Within the set of dogs who always took the food, when the experimenter was present, they grabbed the tidbit significantly faster when it was in the dark, compared to when the food was illuminated.
Though the study could not underline the factors that led to this occurrence, researchers cited three possibilities: the tendency of a child to imitate adult behaviour, the child's attempt to make certain judgments about the importance of honesty to the experimenter, or the child may not be feeling the necessity to tell truth to a person who is already a liar in their eyes.
Therefore, attention should be given to what both the experimenter and participant say.
Rather than focus on the more commonly studied experimenter characteristics of sex and ethnicity, we chose to examine attire and warmth, specific attributes of the experimenter identified by Rosenthal (1966) that are relatively understudied and infrequently reported.
Additional materials included copies of each passage for the experimenter and participants, a count down timer, No.
A female experimenter waiting for the elevator caught the eye of a shopper who was also waiting, and gave her a smile.
In Method A and ISO 4869-1, subjects are given brief training in the proper fit of the Hearing Protection Device (HPD); but once in the test room, they must fit the HPD with no physical assistance from the experimenter, in Method B, naive subjects are used (subjects with no history of using hearing protectors), and must fit the HPD with no assistance of any kind from the experimenter, relying solely on instructions provided on the packaging.
At 3 days old, 13 of 16 macaques smacked their lips and stuck their tongues out after the experimenter did.
Using an ABAB reversal design, the experimenter measured the ecological effects of teacher resistant behaviors on consultant therapeutic behavior.
The contributions to each charity were then totaled, and the experimenter wrote checks to the charities.
A bilingual experimenter elicited recall for each participant in both English and Greek.
Each conversation consisted of 6 lines, 3 each for the experimenter and child.