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experiment (up)on (someone or something)

To perform tests on someone or something in order to gain insight and data about it. We got approval to start experimenting on mice, so we can see how the procedure affects their islet cells.
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experiment in (something)

To test or do research in a particular subject or area. My sister is experimenting in astrophysics and has done some very fascinating research.
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experiment with (something)

1. Literally, to use something as a component in research or tests. We got approval to start experimenting with this new procedure on mice, so we can see how the procedure affects their islet cells.
2. By extension, to try doing or using something new. I'm experimenting with basil tonight, even though I don't usually include it in this recipe. I just don't like the synth-heavy sound the band's experimenting with on this album.
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experiment in something

to conduct research or experiments about something. The research group is experimenting in the field of biomechanics. We want to experiment in thermodynamics.
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experiment (up)on someone or something

to use someone or something as the subject of an experiment. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Do you think we should experiment upon people? The researchers were experimenting on a new drug that might cure rabies.
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experiment with someone or something

to try different experiments on someone or something; to use different people or things as key variables in an experiment. They are supposed to be experimenting with new drugs. We no longer experiment with animals.
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Are you satisfied with your experiment, girls, or do you want another week of it?
Then I am quite satisfied with the experiment, and fancy that we shall not have to repeat it, only don't go to the other extreme and delve like slaves.
He had been too much absorbed in his experiments to sustain it.
Sanders and Hubbard had never done more than pay his room-rent and the expense of his experiments.
For the present, let us return to our experiment with the opium.
On the other hand, he considered it essential to the success of the experiment, that I should see the same objects about me which had surrounded me when I was last in the house.
The events of the next ten days--every one of them more or less directly connected with the experiment of which I was the passive object-- are all placed on record, exactly as they happened, in the Journal habitually kept by Mr.
Nature's peer review experiment is over, and the journal is now analyzing the results.
Based on his research, Brent determined that his independent variable, or the factor he would change on purpose during the experiment, would be the car's voltage.
By releasing both "at the same time" we were able to reproduce the Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment that Galileo is given credit for but probably never actually performed.
The number of assay wet experiments, which are vital to the finding of active compounds, carried out during screening was reduced by anywhere from 88% - 97% compared to conventional methods (note 3).
this contract experiment produced several startling results.
These specimens often lose the solvent, moisture or gas to which they were exposed during the experiment.
For example, Dodd says that often a classroom lab experiment can be done so quickly with the technology that students can do a second or third trial for more accurate results (or if an error is discovered).
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