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Shuo Wang and I tested these ideas in a series of experiments presenting subjects with information about hypothetical restaurants--including information about their tipping policies, which were randomly varied across subjects --and asking them to rate the expensiveness of the restaurants.
The offences in question are expensiveness in an age of austerity; resistance to change (explained and enforced as a return to profitability); and a fondness for disloyalty and critique.
29678 EUR, which shows low expensiveness of Facebook advertising.
Maja Tomik concludes for Utrinski vesnik that the expensiveness is slowly but surely destroying the living of citizens.
product expensiveness, product purchase frequency and product intangibility), an approach similar to the one used by Phau and Sui, 2000 has been adopted in the present study.
Genius is measured by the expensiveness of the automobile and the number of screen credits.
The main drawback of the arrays is the complexity and expensiveness of their feeding network.
2] was called for by accelerating the chemical process of carbonation and by the financial expensiveness of obtaining 1% C[O.
Expensiveness of exercise and textbooks was also addressed as one of parents and students' concerns, especially as the new school year coincides with the end of the Holy month of Ramadhan and Eid El-Fitr feast.
PEO union boss Bambis Kyritsis said CoLA was "an institution of justice which protects workers and their wages from expensiveness (sic) and inflation.
Firstly, women who pay no attention to price and even see expensiveness as a desirable attribute.
Sharmila revealed that out of total number of cases, less than 50% were being provided treatment and the reason for this could be non-availability of proper diagnostic centres at the state level and expensiveness of the treatment.
Given the perceived expensiveness and distance of Alaska, some sort of incentive program was required to make the state competitive in what is a very competitive industry, particularly when competing with somewhere like British Columbia, which has a cash incentive program.
It is really not surprising that quality and expensiveness would be cited as major drivers in the purchase decision as well since value is, in essence, a trade-off between quality and price.
On the other hand, the expensiveness of these analysis make them of unpractical use for routinely monitoring of volcanic and seismic activity.