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be (a bit) on the expensive side

To be somewhat expensive. This intentionally vague phrase highlights the speaker's awareness of or hesitation about the cost of something. That car service is a bit on the expensive side. Can't we just take a taxi?
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be on the (something) side

To partially have some quality, typically a negative one. An adjective precedes "side." The dress is beautiful, but it's just a little on the expensive side for me. A: "Do you like what you ordered?" B: "It's good, just a little on the salty side."
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have expensive taste(s)

To be purchase or be interested in things that cost a lot of money; to have extravagant preferences. A: "I can't seem to stop buying designer clothes and eating at the best restaurants." B: "You have expensive taste, which would be fine if you made more money at your job." I hear he has expensive tastes, so if you're going to date him, be sure you've got some disposable income.
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Many restaurateurs fear that replacing tipping with either service charges or higher service-inclusive menu prices will increase the actual or perceived expensiveness of their restaurants and, thereby, reduce sales.
These points were called "point of marginal cheapness" and "point of marginal expensiveness" (van Westendorp 1976).
Among the common problems in the matter of packaging in the studied region, we can generally mention expensiveness and high prices for empty boxes and also their low qualities.
The white-gleaming intelligence of Gaudier's studio [...] in comparison with the podgy and bulbous expensiveness of Schonbrun, the tawdry, gummy, adhesive costliness of the trappings of the bourgeois drawing-rooms of the period, had a meaning.
Irrespective of its expensiveness, OLED displays have gained momentum and the advent of flexible OLED proved revolutionary for OLED manufacturers.
That is, there is a positive correlation in the mid-degree between genders and expensiveness of the quality certificated products.
Majority A's willingness to import concerns about the expansiveness and expensiveness of Congress's delegation into the deferential step-two analysis suggests that Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas, and Alito may no longer be satisfied by any reasonable agency reading of ambiguous statutory language.
The expensiveness of college and the state of the economy drive the reassessments.
Because of expensiveness of real estates, agents should have financial power to purchase estates.
Due to slowness and expensiveness of in vitro methods, computational methods are of great interest.
The reason behind this expensiveness is that the guided-mutation operator used in EAG involves many computations in sampling offspring.
Therefore, it is important to find a simple preparation method or process due to the complexity, expensiveness, and the use of a toxic gas, which can produce size controlled nanoparticles at lower cost with less or no impurities.
The reason for expensiveness of these areas is their commercial role; because these places have around Imam blvd.
Joy (2001) illustrates the relativity between the degree of expensiveness of the gift and the degree of the closeness of the relationship.
Given the increasing sophistication of defenses and the growing expensiveness (and thus smaller numbers) of traditional strike platforms, such as tactical aircraft, the answer to this problem will increasingly involve new kinds of missiles and other unmanned systems.