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be (a bit) on the expensive side

To be somewhat expensive. This intentionally vague phrase highlights the speaker's awareness of or hesitation about the cost of something. That car service is a bit on the expensive side. Can't we just take a taxi?
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be on the (something) side

To partially have some quality, typically a negative one. An adjective precedes "side." The dress is beautiful, but it's just a little on the expensive side for me. A: "Do you like what you ordered?" B: "It's good, just a little on the salty side."
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By reducing the logistics, manpower and time to prepare for flight, VentureStar will be able to fly more frequently and less expensively than the shuttle.
Expensively carved stone and slate, a fake upper storey, a responsibly 'civic' clock tower, and Classical colonnades in the newly invented 'Bakewell order'.
Providers of information will make more available less expensively, more flexibly, and in multimedia format.
His laboratory is currently testing somatotropin produced less expensively by genetically engineered microbes.
The company uses their government contracting expertise and powerful technology solutions to enable organizations to more effectively manage sales, marketing and procurement -- better, faster and less expensively.
Its goal is to price as many handguns as possible out of the reach of lower-income residents, especially young people, who can't afford more expensively made weapons.
Producers of plastic bottles and many other products can now incorporate decorative relief patterns far more quickly and less expensively than is possible with conventional methods.
There's no way for a small company to do it any less expensively," said Donahue.
Our solution is essentially turnkey and can be turned up much more quickly and less expensively than an appliance solution.
After a six-month trial in which both companies got three months to prove themselves, Stephen's Video emerged a winner because he could provide the needed service less expensively while meeting the level of quality demanded by the city.
If the contract provides for arbitration of disputes, this may be a viable option to resolve the dispute in less time than the courts might take and less expensively.
Aurora's Fiber on Demand(SM) architecture allows operators to capitalize on a new revenue stream by deploying dedicated access, optical Ethernet circuits -- up to 100 Mbps symmetrically -- more rapidly and less expensively than their RBOC competitors.
The space station is inconsistent with the new emphasis by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration on doing things less expensively.
Further, RSA has set up tables at the housing court so that owners can file appeals expeditiously and less expensively.
The company has five regional warehouse locations ensuring that their consumers and more than 500 dealers are able to receive goods faster and less expensively than any other seller of similar goods in the USA.