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be (a bit) on the expensive side

To be somewhat expensive. This intentionally vague phrase highlights the speaker's awareness of or hesitation about the cost of something. That car service is a bit on the expensive side. Can't we just take a taxi?
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be on the (something) side

To partially have some quality, typically a negative one. An adjective precedes "side." The dress is beautiful, but it's just a little on the expensive side for me. A: "Do you like what you ordered?" B: "It's good, just a little on the salty side."
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have expensive taste(s)

To be purchase or be interested in things that cost a lot of money; to have extravagant preferences. A: "I can't seem to stop buying designer clothes and eating at the best restaurants." B: "You have expensive taste, which would be fine if you made more money at your job." I hear he has expensive tastes, so if you're going to date him, be sure you've got some disposable income.
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Vertu Signature Diamond is also best most expensive phone in my opinion.
It is more expensive to follow Newcastle on the road in the Championship than the Premier League While the average price of the most-expensive away ticket in the Premier League has decreased 37 per cent - largely due to the introduction and continuation of reciprocal-price deals between top-flight clubs - the value of Championship away tickets has increased by five per cent.
"Diesel cars are already expensive compared to petrol cars," he said.
Switzerland was listed as the most expensive country in the world ahead of Norway, Venezuela, Iceland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
According to research by the bank, Edinburgh is home to 13 of Scotland's top 20 most expensive streets, with Aberdeen accounting for four of these pricey locations and Glasgow housing two, with Renfrewshire featuring the only street in the top 20 outside of one of the main cities.
The South East - and Surrey in particular - is where many of the country's most expensive streets can be found.
NerdWallet then calculated the average premiums from the three least expensive carrier quotes.
The previous year, in 2013, the most expensive road in Coventry was Kenilworth Road, near the Memorial Park, where prices averaged PS860,158, while the least expensive street was Hermes Crescent, on the Manor Farm estate, at around PS41,333.
BEIRUT: Beirut ranked as the 37th most expensive city among 65 capital cities worldwide in property consultants Cushman & Wakefield's 2014 survey of the world's most expensive retail rental locations.
The report ranked Angola's capital Luanda as the most expensive city in the world, followed by N'Djamena, the capital of Chad.
Tomiomi Trail, Sarasota, (941) 351-1688, INEXPENSIVE-MODERATE EXPENSIVE
While Hermes is catching flack for selling the expensive item, one man in Pune, India purchased an even more expensive top late (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZl8e5eBZho) last year spending $250,000 on a shirt made of solid gold.
Not a single Welsh city makes it into the list of Britain's most expensive.
It is designed to be a more compact, less expensive choice in services in which it had previously been necessary to use a larger, more expensive valve style.
The survey from Lloyds TSB demonstrates the price of securing the must-have postcode with four of the ten most expensive streets in the West Midlands being found in Solihull.