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be (a bit) on the expensive side

To be somewhat expensive. This intentionally vague phrase highlights the speaker's awareness of or hesitation about the cost of something. That car service is a bit on the expensive side. Can't we just take a taxi?
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be on the (something) side

To partially have some quality, typically a negative one. An adjective precedes "side." The dress is beautiful, but it's just a little on the expensive side for me. A: "Do you like what you ordered?" B: "It's good, just a little on the salty side."
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Walker Street in Dewsbury was the least expensive road in Kirklees in 2017, with an average price of PS50,250, while the least expensive in Calderdale was Oak Terrace in Halifax, with an average price of PS42,333.
Meanwhile, St Oswald's Street in Hartlepool was the least expensive road in Teesside last year, with an average price of PS20,167.
The next most expensive Asian cities were Doha, Beirut, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, which were ranked at 14, 16, 17 and 21 respectively.
For those looking to buy a villa, here is some context: a square foot in Emirates Hills costs 243 per cent more, and in Palm Jumeirah 221 per cent more, than the median asking price in Jumeirah Village Circle, the least expensive area in Dubai, says PropertyFinder Group.
Mumbai falls among the top 20 most expensive locations in the world.
He continued: "Away from London, the survey shows that the most expensive streets are tightly clustered within Cheshire, Yorkshire and the Humber and Sandbanks in Dorset on the south coast.
Gold sticker iPhone 32 GB (3G) starting Price US $ 32,00,000 If you count This Expensive phone price in Euro So, this phone Price is [euro] 29,47,787.
It is more expensive to follow Newcastle on the road in the Championship than the Premier League While the average price of the most-expensive away ticket in the Premier League has decreased 37 per cent - largely due to the introduction and continuation of reciprocal-price deals between top-flight clubs - the value of Championship away tickets has increased by five per cent.
Diesel cars are already expensive compared to petrol cars," he said.
Such is the pull of living in Kensington and Chelsea, with the glamorous lifestyle it offers attracting many overseas buyers, that it is home to 12 of the 20 most expensive streets in the country.
NerdWallet decided to delve further into the state's auto premiums, ranking the 20 most and least expensive cities for auto insurance in the state.
DETAILS of the five most expensive houses sold in Coventry this year have been released by the Land Registry.
IF YOU want to live on Wales' most expensive road you'll now need a cool three-quarters of a million pounds, according to latest figures.
Summary: Beirut ranked as the 37th most expensive city among 65 capital cities worldwide in property consultants Cushman & Wakefield's 2014 survey of the world's most expensive retail rental locations.
The most expensive pie down south is sold by conference club Kidderminster Harriers who want PS4.