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expend (something) for (something)

To spend a certain amount of money on something. I wonder how much money Al had to expend for a fancy car like that.
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expend (something) in (something)

To use something in some action or pursuit. Unfortunately, my side business has not been worth what I'm expending in energy to market it.
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expend (something) on (someone or something)

To use something on someone or something in particular. I don't want to expend much energy on my side business anymore because I'm just not making that much money from it.
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expend something for something

to pay a certain amount for something. I expended an enormous amount for skin creams. How much money did you expend for this gaudy tie?
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expend something in something

to use or consume something in some activity. You expend too much energy in talking. Harry expended a lot of time in the preparation of his speech.
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expend something on someone or something

to use something on someone or something. Don't expend too much energy on him. He isn't worth it. There is no point in expending any more money on this car.
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References in classic literature ?
Part of the remainder she was obliged to expend in winter clothing, leaving only a nominal sum for the whole inclement season at hand.
Under the influence of air, water, light, solar heat, and central heat, vegetation took possession of the continents prepared to receive it, and certainly life showed itself about this period, for nature does not expend herself in vain; and a world so wonderfully formed for habitation must necessarily be inhabited.
Brown kept her on longer than usual, that she might expend her awkwardness and forgetfulness upon those who would not judge and punish her too strictly for them.
Reserve it for those who are your friends, and do not expend it on me.
The consideration of Mrs Boffin had clothed Mr Sloppy in a suit of black, on which the tailor had received personal directions from Rokesmith to expend the utmost cunning of his art, with a view to the concealment of the cohering and sustaining buttons.
Don't throw that poker at me," replied the form; "if you hurled it with ever so sure an aim, it would pass through me, without resistance, and expend its force on the wood behind.