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expend (something) for (something)

To spend a certain amount of money on something. I bet Al expend a bundle for a fancy car like that.
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expend (something) in (something)

To use some resource in some action or pursuit. We've been expending most of our effort in marketing, but we really need to improve the product.
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expend (something) on (someone or something)

To use some resource to attempt to make a change of some kind in someone or something in particular. I don't want to expend much energy on my side business anymore because I'm just not making that much money from it. We don't have to expend much training time on Lisa—she already knows the ropes.
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expend something for something

to pay a certain amount for something. I expended an enormous amount for skin creams. How much money did you expend for this gaudy tie?
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expend something in something

to use or consume something in some activity. You expend too much energy in talking. Harry expended a lot of time in the preparation of his speech.
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expend something on someone or something

to use something on someone or something. Don't expend too much energy on him. He isn't worth it. There is no point in expending any more money on this car.
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In response, escorting F--4s carried out fourteen PRSs with fifty-three aircraft expending ordnance.
The cardiovascular benefits appear to plateau after a certain point, with no further benefits after expending 2,000 kcal/wk.
The cardiovascular benefits appear to plateau after a point, with no further benefits after expending 2,000 kcal/wk.
When the probability of apprehending an illegal alien after expending [C.sub.R] is still small (that is, 0 [less than] [p.sub.1] [less than or equal to] 0.5), only K [greater than] B may encourage the source country to expend money in order to reduce illegal immigration.
What we have now established, quite simply, is that our society is not actually expending extraordinary amounts of energy on trying to create open and honest discussions.
As a member of the "computer babies" generation, I can't imagine expending that kind of energy on what is a sedentary, solitary occupation.
He said the key to winning international sales is expending sufficient time and effort to establish a variety of mutually beneficial business and intercompany relationships.
He said that often after expending the time, energy and money required to train employees, "they jump to Inco or Falconbridge for $22 per hour."
Those who were sedentary in their leisure time (expending less than 250 calories a week in LTPA) had a 30% to 40% greater risk of dying from coronary heart disease as well as from all causes than those who expended between 1,000 and 2,000 calories a week in LTPA.
Without expending any metabolic energy, the spores are able to attach themselves to a leaf, an event that is the first stage in the infection process.
According to report got through immigration sources that former Chairman Senate Main Raza Rabbani went on 17 foreign tours on government expenditure and Deputy Chairman Senate Saleem Mandviwala had five foreign tours on government expending.
Light or moderate activity may help, and vigorous activity may help more, probably because it uses up more energy The cardiovascular benefits appear to plateau after a point, with no further benefits after expending 2,000 kcal/wk.
Flying over 5,400 hours and expending 460,000 pounds of ordnance with a sortie completion rate of 97.5 percent shows that the Eagles have successfully integrated the Super Hornet into fleet operations.
Even more tantalizing for Bahcall is the possibility that the cigar-shaped superclusters are subsections of still larger, filamentlike structures expending across the entire universe.