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expend (something) for (something)

To spend a certain amount of money on something. I bet Al expend a bundle for a fancy car like that.
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expend (something) in (something)

To use some resource in some action or pursuit. We've been expending most of our effort in marketing, but we really need to improve the product.
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expend (something) on (someone or something)

To use some resource to attempt to make a change of some kind in someone or something in particular. I don't want to expend much energy on my side business anymore because I'm just not making that much money from it. We don't have to expend much training time on Lisa—she already knows the ropes.
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expend something for something

to pay a certain amount for something. I expended an enormous amount for skin creams. How much money did you expend for this gaudy tie?
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expend something in something

to use or consume something in some activity. You expend too much energy in talking. Harry expended a lot of time in the preparation of his speech.
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expend something on someone or something

to use something on someone or something. Don't expend too much energy on him. He isn't worth it. There is no point in expending any more money on this car.
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A total of forty-eight 750-lb bombs, twelve CBU pods and four napalm bombs were expended.
In a typical exercise session, resistance training doesn't expend as many calories as aerobic exercise, but it can help offset the natural loss of muscle mass that comes with aging.
When faced with instructional challenges, these teachers reduce their levels of expended effort.
People have to act on numerous beliefs to get through their daily lives, but they only have a limited amount of time and energy to expend verifying the accuracy of these beliefs.
The failure of the "fat burning zone" theory is revealed by the total calories expended per liter of oxygen.
* The Secretary may not obligate or expend any of the above funds until fifteen days after the submission of a certification to Congress, to include:
Using a single-period game, it shows that by imposing a penalty on each apprehended illegal alien, the host country will increase the motivation of the source country to expend money for preventing illegal immigration.
What manager is willing to expend funds on a department that is, at best, only 35% productive?
The researchers estimated that it takes about 30 minutes of moderate activity every day to expend 1,000 calories in a week.
Tariq Malik said that Industrialists and exporters were urging for a long term policy which helps to expend country's exports.
Segun Adewale, the candidate of the Action for Democratic Party (ADP) in the Ekiti State governorship election, has declared that he would expend 80 per cent of his security votes on developing and expanding small-scale businesses, if elected into office.
Truman's aircraft flew 176 flight hours and conducted roughly 16 straight hours of flight deck operations, all without the need to expend ordnance.
To lose weight (fat), he must expend fewer calories than he consumes.
"The vast majority of EPL claims ultimately are proven to be groundless or fraudulent, but it's the defense dollars you need to expend to get to that point that can really take a toll," O'Shaughnessy said.