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expend (something) for (something)

To spend a certain amount of money on something. I wonder how much money Al had to expend for a fancy car like that.
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expend (something) in (something)

To use something in some action or pursuit. Unfortunately, my side business has not been worth what I'm expending in energy to market it.
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expend (something) on (someone or something)

To use something on someone or something in particular. I don't want to expend much energy on my side business anymore because I'm just not making that much money from it.
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expend something for something

to pay a certain amount for something. I expended an enormous amount for skin creams. How much money did you expend for this gaudy tie?
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expend something in something

to use or consume something in some activity. You expend too much energy in talking. Harry expended a lot of time in the preparation of his speech.
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expend something on someone or something

to use something on someone or something. Don't expend too much energy on him. He isn't worth it. There is no point in expending any more money on this car.
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Business would need to expend resources to familiarize themselves with yet another regulation of their hiring practices and, eventually, the case law that develops around the new statute.
5 billion the government of Pakistan would expend annually $ 708 million on its departments while $ 709 million would be expended on US aid Social sector.
5 billion the government of Pakistan would expend annually $ 708 million on it's departments while $ 709 million would be expended on US aid Social sector.
These sections authorize the President and the Vice President to expend appropriated funds for certain specified purposes that may be accounted for solely on their certificates and as they determine, notwithstanding the provisions of any other law.
In the present case the test variables are: GDPN, GDPR, EXPEND, DEF, and CPIUK.
Additionally, preservice teachers perceived that they would have to expend a higher degree of instructional effort (i.
To lose weight (fat), he must expend fewer calories than he consumes.
Biotech start-up companies expend considerable energy and expense on obtaining patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret protection for their ideas and inventions because of the considerable time and expense involved with discovering, developing, getting approval, and bringing to market a new therapy or device.
106-280, 6 October 2000, provides the authority to obligate and expend IMET and FMFP appropriated funds for both FY2001 and FY2002.
This is an emotional game we played last night (against the 76ers), it took a lot of energy, our players had to expend a lot to win that game,'' Jackson said, ``and this team's been sitting here since Sunday, waiting for us to come in.
deplore the huge amount of taxpayer dollars that the government is going to expend on the Microsoft case, the cost to Microsoft that will ultimately get passed along to the customer, and the time and the effort that Microsoft management is going to expend defending their position, rather than paying attention to their business - which frankly is important to all of us in the United States.