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expel (someone or something) from (something)

1. To send or force someone from a place or area. The librarian promptly expelled those chatty girls from the building. If you keep getting into fights with your classmates, you might just get expelled from school.
2. To spew something out of something. The factory expelled smoke from its smokestacks.
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expel someone from something

to force someone to leave something or some place; to eject someone from something or some place. The two men expelled the fighters from the tavern. Ken was expelled from school for disciplinary reasons
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expel something from something

to force or eject something out of something. The machine expelled cup after cup from its opening. The volcano expelled huge globs of molten lava.
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squeeze something out of something

 and squeeze something out
to press something until something is expelled from something. Claire squeezed some toothpaste out of the tube. She squeezed out some toothpaste.
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The school took " wrong and malafide action" in expelling Ruchika, sub- divisional magistrate ( SDM) Prerna Puri said in a report submitted to Chandigarh's home- cum- education secretary, Ram Niwas.
The report said the school acted " under acute pressure" for expelling Ruchika.
The government of Afghanistan has accused Iran of expelling 7,000 Afghans in a span of two days last week.
Many schools do not resort to expelling pupils but others are forced to throw out dozens of unruly children.
Drug and alcohol youth workers suggested some schools were expelling pupils as a ``knee-jerk reaction'' rather than trying to help them.
Mubarak says expelling Arafat would be a huge error.
Districts had not had a history of expelling students in these grade levels, so there were no alternative placements,'' said Compton, who administers the Gateway program.
Safety Relief Valves prevent potentially devastating explosions by rapidly expelling the contents of a tank car in emergency situations to reduce internal pressure build-up.
Aneurin Owen, director of CAIS, the largest drug and alcohol agency in North Wales, suggested some schools were expelling pupils as a ``knee-jerk reaction'' rather than trying to help them.
Hussein Majalli, who addressed hundreds of protestors outside the Professional Associations Complex in West Amman, said: "It is a shame at the time when we have spies from the Israeli embassy, we are expelling Iraqi missions".