expel (someone or something) from (something)

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expel (someone or something) from (something)

1. To send or force someone from a place or area. The librarian promptly expelled those chatty girls from the building. If you keep getting into fights with your classmates, you might just get expelled from school.
2. To spew something out of something. The factory expelled smoke from its smokestacks.
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expel someone from something

to force someone to leave something or some place; to eject someone from something or some place. The two men expelled the fighters from the tavern. Ken was expelled from school for disciplinary reasons
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expel something from something

to force or eject something out of something. The machine expelled cup after cup from its opening. The volcano expelled huge globs of molten lava.
See also: expel
References in classic literature ?
Our lives, our tears, as water, Are spilled upon the ground; God giveth no man quarter, Yet God a means hath found; Though faith and hope have vanished, And even love grows dim; A means whereby His banished Be not expelled from Him!
He was taciturn, and what Philip learnt about him he learnt from others: it appeared that he had fought with Garibaldi against the Pope, but had left Italy in disgust when it was clear that all his efforts for freedom, by which he meant the establishment of a republic, tended to no more than an exchange of yokes; he had been expelled from Geneva for it was not known what political offences.
Very quietly I replied that he (the Frenchman) was labouring under a delusion; that perhaps, after all, I should not be expelled from the Baron's presence, but, on the contrary, be listened to; finally, that I should be glad if Monsieur de Griers would confess that he was now visiting me merely in order to see how far I intended to go in the affair.
KARACHI -- Extending its interim order that restrained private schools from raising their fee more than five per cent, the Sindh High Court on Friday directed private schools to restore the admission of students expelled from their respective institutions over non-payment of fee that was increased sharply.
The court expressed displeasure when it was informed that some students were expelled from the private schools when their guardian refused to pay exorbitant fee.
The court expressed displeasure when it was informed that some students were expelled from the schools when their guardians refused to pay the exorbitant dues.
Ritabrata Banerjee has been expelled from being a primary member of the party," CPM confirmed.
He added that more radical preachers could be expelled from the country.
On February 2, 2010, Rajya Sabha MP Singh and Rampur MP Jaya prada were expelled from SP for anti- party activities.
In a phone interview with the media on Thursday, Quezon City resident and teacher Sarah Manuel, 34, revealed she had been expelled from the INC on Wednesday night, just because she was one of those who held vigil outside the Manalo family home on Tandang Sora, Barangay Culiat exactly a week ago.
Kabul -- The minister of refugees and repatriation affairs, Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi has said that Pakistan expels around 300 Afghan refugee families daily and so far some 24,000 Afghan refugee families had been expelled from several cities including Peshawar.
Moscow said the German was expelled from Moscow in a retaliatory measure for what it described as an "unfriendly" step earlier by Berlin of expelling a Russian diplomat.
At least 90 students have been expelled from Cairo University throughout the past academic year for their alleged implication in acts of on-campus violence.
Spain's Justice Ministry recently extended citizenship to those who could prove familial relationships to Sephardi Jews who were expelled from Spain in 1492, but withheld a similar grant to descendants of Moriscos, Spanish Muslims who converted to Christianity but were expelled to North Africa in 1609.
FEWER pupils are being expelled from Coventry schools, council figures have shown.