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expel (someone or something) from (something)

1. To send or force someone from a place or area. The librarian promptly expelled those chatty girls from the building. If you keep getting into fights with your classmates, you might just get expelled from school.
2. To spew something out of something. The factory expelled smoke from its smokestacks.
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expel someone from something

to force someone to leave something or some place; to eject someone from something or some place. The two men expelled the fighters from the tavern. Ken was expelled from school for disciplinary reasons
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expel something from something

to force or eject something out of something. The machine expelled cup after cup from its opening. The volcano expelled huge globs of molten lava.
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squeeze something out of something

 and squeeze something out
to press something until something is expelled from something. Claire squeezed some toothpaste out of the tube. She squeezed out some toothpaste.
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The private schools' counsel, however, denied the claims and said there must be some misunderstanding as no student was expelled from any school.
Some of them were expelled, others rusticated, and a number of them were assessed financial penalties.
That was not much of a threat since it is routine diplomatic practice throughout the world that, when one's diplomats are expelled, a country expels an equal number of diplomats of equal rank.
They also pled before the Supreme Court that the provisions of the Tenth Schedule, which deals with disqualification of MPs, are not applicable to the expelled members of a political party.
The university expelled 71 students on 17 December for allegedly participating in protests and "rioting on campus", according to the university's media centre.
Sudanese government has expelled in the past, the former UN resident coordinator Mukesh kapila in 2004 and the former UN special envoy for Sudan Jan Pronk in 2006.
Mr Sweeney, 65, was also expelled and he said that the action came after he requested that a fellow union member should leave a meeting of construction workers who were about to discuss blacklisting in the industry.
Last week, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expelled three U.
All the expelled MPs strongly condemned the party's decision.
Just four pupils were expelled from primary schools during the school year which finished in September 2013.
As the suspect was expelled from the military, his case was referred to the ystanbul Criminal Court of First Instance.
Chidem Anad and Mirgun Jabas, anchors of NTV television channel programs as well as Nilgun Balkac, NTV's correspondent in Ankara, are among the many journalists expelled from their jobs.
Goldberg made no mention of the partially expelled intrauterine device (IUD)--unless that is the phenomenon they described as the "downward displaced" IUD.
Interior Ministry spokeswoman Sabine Haddad says the latest flight with the expelled migrants is to leave after midnight June 25.
Syria has now expelled the ambassadors of Libya and Tunisia and given them a 72- hour deadline to leave the country.