expel (someone or something) from (something)

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expel (someone or something) from (something)

1. To send or force someone from a place or area. The librarian promptly expelled those chatty girls from the building. If you keep getting into fights with your classmates, you might just get expelled from school.
2. To spew something out of something. The factory expelled smoke from its smokestacks.
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expel someone from something

to force someone to leave something or some place; to eject someone from something or some place. The two men expelled the fighters from the tavern. Ken was expelled from school for disciplinary reasons
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expel something from something

to force or eject something out of something. The machine expelled cup after cup from its opening. The volcano expelled huge globs of molten lava.
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Those who have to leave are the occupiers who came here and want to expel us from our land."
Your $1,000 will earn P1 million if you can expel us from the UN.
Your $1,000 will earn 1 million pesos from me if you can expel us from the UN," warned Duterte, but didn't mention who he was addressing.
They also know that they cannot expel us from the country because Muslims have played positive role to revive the country's economy.
"We see it as an attempt to expel us from Iraq, eliminating and finishing our existence in this land."
"The police used excessive force to expel us from the building," said one of the main organisers, Marwan Maalouf.
He affirmed that "nothing will frighten us now, when we have to face Daesh (ISIS) that is trying to expel us from our country under the threat of the head-cutting phenomenon.
To expel us from our own land, to control our lives, to control our love lives.
"By demanding fresh polls, do they want to expel us from the election process.
"We've been informed of the decision to expel us from the division," said Steve Beasant, the chairman.
We have triumphed over the plan to expel us from history.
I don't think an oyster should get the vote'' Lyricist Sir Tim Rice``If Mr Blair goes on upsetting the French like this, is there any hope that they would expel us from the EU?''
church to expel us from its membership." He added that the proposal for readmission could be considered at the General Convention of ECUSA in 2003.