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The coefficient of the CAPITAL is expectably negative but insignificant at the 10 percent critical level.
Economic sanctions have proven to be "an imprecise and expectably ineffective tool" of American foreign policy.
One expectably perilous domain is the interpretation of gender differences.
If some undoubtedly "complex" and mirror-like image indeed haunts and contaminates relations between the socially observed (those committing crimes) and many social observers (those reacting to crimes committed), several consequences might expectably ensue: there may be a circular process that interrelates feelings of anger motivating criminal acts in the first place with those enraged reactions crime produces.
Thus he would hardly have approved of the policy of targeted assassinations of enemy commanders or the use of bribery to encourage potential assassins, a device much favored by the Utopians on the rational if expectably consequentialist grounds that such killings will probably reduce the bloodletting in the longer term.
The three candidates are once more in the race, and have, expectably, announced their confidence they would build on their experience to win.
Results from of a simplified design tool will expectably have some error when compared to an hourly system simulation due to simplifying assumptions and approximations made.
Sberbank: Expectably Strong 2012 Results (Positive);
Expectably negative dynamics was posted by Gazprom's long-term issues: Gazprom-34 and Gazprom-37 dipped 0.
The company reported expectably weak results due to declining prices for non-ferrous metals in H1 2012.