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Asked whether he agreed that Cyprus' finances kept deteriorating in the run-up to a bailout agreement in March, Shiarly said there was "a systematic collapse of the economy, partly because of the international financial situation consequently making something of the sort expectable".
Because of accurate control of homeostase on thyroid hormones, the increment during resisting training isn't expectable. Lack of compliance of the present founds (nonbeing change of TSH) and previous understandings (decrease in TSH) maybe hidden in various training protocols or durations of trainings.
So the expectable outcome is that suffering will continue.
In this way he is the proxy not only for Pacino's character (and perhaps Pacino himself), but the "normal," expectable mainstream audiences of both the original film and this one.
I cannot help but draw parallels with today's Green Scare (and related strategies of entrapping anarchist activists) in the US: State repression and even agents provocateurs are expectable, but both snitching on ex-comrades and a general atmosphere of hysteria and even civil war can induce a feeling of being lost that 'Last Year's Grave Undug' reflects as well.
And because we are dealing here with relatives, unless everyone who thinks about politics at all thinks in exactly the same way (which of course is how advanced liberals tacitly believe they should), public opinion is bound to comprise gradations of thought conveyed through a spectrum of expression--which is only what right versus left is conveniently about and, in anything other than a totalitarian society, must be understood as entirely normal and expectable, if not (for a certain sort of person) desirable.
"That's why the BJP is not expectable to this suggestion of CBI inquiry.
Their projection to the land surface partially overlap--in some areas the exploited material can easily exceed height of 15 m which in current geology (composed mostly of sandstone, claystone and conglomerate rock environment) makes a significant subsidence expectable.
As can be seen from this figure, there exists a very high concentration at the front surface, leading to an expectable low contact resistance.
--they partly or completely know what the important attributes are, but do not know the values which are possible and expectable as minimum or optimum requirements
The government has sought to stick to its medium-term fiscal consolidation program that reduces the budget deficit to expectable level of GDP this year and has projected to continue the trend next year.
Considering the link between customer needs and product quality characteristics, the FRs for product are classified into basic functional requirements, expectable functional requirements and adjunctive functional requirements based on the model of customer satisfaction presented by Kano, as shown in figure 1.
Only in America are gun massacres of this kind routine, expectable, and certain to continue."