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The QoQ decline in 4Q is anticipated mainly due to lower expected gross margins, whereas net revenues and other income are also expected to recede during the quarter.
Respondents between 30 and 39 are the most likely to expect a change: only 12.3% think their finances will stay the same, compared to 36.4% aged 18-19, 28.6% aged 20-29, 24.4% aged 40-49, 34.2% aged 50-59 and 27.8% aged 60+.
In the Fayetteville area, 16 percent of the companies plan to hire more employees, while 11 percent expect to reduce their payrolls.
While there is overall pessimism about the economy, 75 percent said they expect their revenues in 2009 will stay the same (45 percent) or do better (30 percent).
Both large and small survey respondents expect to reduce inventory levels during the next 12 months.
Expect to see this frustration turn into action in 2006, as constituents work together to enable an environment where the use of professional judgment is embraced and second-guessing is minimized (OK, so maybe I am dreaming on this one!)
Ongoing re-engineering projects that increasingly require sophisticated mapping and definition capabilities and service support are driving the expected rise in external IT spending.
Countries across Latin America are expected to post growth of 4.5% for the year as many of their economies expand at their fastest rate in at least six years.
The United States is expected to lead the market growth again in 2005, according to the survey.
Institutions that expect to adopt the Framework are encouraged to consider the supervisory standards articulated in the guidance in developing their implementation plans for the adoption of Framework-based systems.
However, Microsoft is fundamentally a very sound company with huge cash reserves and is expected to recover in 2003, according to many analysts.
We expect to be loved when we "behave well" or when we fulfill the expectations placed upon us by others.
Revenue is expected to be up approximately 3 to 4 percent reflecting a slight decline in North America and a low to mid-teen percentage rate increase in the international business.
* Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (NYSE:BMY) is expected to report quarterly earnings at $1.06 per share on revenue of $6.11 billion.
A chance of scattered rain showers is expected on some areas, especially the northern.