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expatiate on (someone or something)

To speak or write about someone or something at length. Don't ask Uncle Harry about his collection of antique binoculars unless you want to hear him expatiate on it for hours on end.
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expatiate on someone or something

to say or write many words about someone or something. She expatiated endlessly on the evils of tobacco. I have heard you expatiate on Harry quite enough, thank you.
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Lack of space prevents me from expatiating on this theme at present, but perhaps we can return to it some time in the future.
And Rhenanus is much more restrained than were his humanist contemporaries in expatiating on Tacitus's reference in 37.3 to the Germanorum libertas.
Such a score could help guide jaded audiences to an Ayckbourn who depicts the seaminess of modern life rather than windily expatiating about it - or better yet, to a Shaw who clothes his indignation about capitalism in complexity by making its representatives charming and likeable, though the consequences of their actions are horrifying.
Expatiating further, Architect Aliyu averred that the forum was essentially formed to appreciate the invaluable gesture of the party for affording its members with the opportunity to run on its platform.
Virginia Woolf wrote in hers daily, expatiating on yesterday's parties, ideas, and dinner conversations.
However, expatiating further on the union' s submission , the retirees, requested that the five- yearly periodic review of pension payment as enshrined in the constitution be implemented, with the lump sum and pension benefits paid to all contributors not later than 30 days from retirement date, or allow retiring officers to continue to receive salaries until all entitlements are paid.
Expatiating on the rationale behind the e-Senate, Adekola said that he had observed that the distribution of paper is time-consuming, hence the need for the university to move beyond the use of paper work.
Expatiating further on the matter, Mr Abdulrazaq, according to the release, cited the case instituted by some state governments in 1999 seeking the interpretation of revenue on account of their contention that all accruals from oil and gas operations amount to revenue and should be swept into the Federation Account.