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expatiate on (someone or something)

To speak or write about someone or something at length. Don't ask Uncle Harry about his collection of antique binoculars unless you want to hear him expatiate on it for hours on end.
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expatiate on someone or something

to say or write many words about someone or something. She expatiated endlessly on the evils of tobacco. I have heard you expatiate on Harry quite enough, thank you.
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Dr Niels Skakkebaek of the University Hospital of Copenhagen, expatiated on the subject of the impact of the chemical disruptors on human health.
After I had expatiated on the bishop's behavior t my spouse -- who knows a thing or two about the economics of population growth, especially on the African continent -- he growled something about "packing the clown off for a decade to serve in a Lagos slum in Nigeria." Nigeria has a population of approximately 110 million, which by the year 2050 will have grown to 500 million.
Esimaje expatiated that the Joint Venture has also implemented other projects in the state in the areas of education and health.
The impact, she expatiated, would include 'the way we (Africa) do business; the way we open up our borders for intra-African trade,' and also, the agreement would be a gateway to enable Africa fulfill all aspirations.
Chairman CDA and Mayor of Islamabad Metropolitan Corporation Sheikh Ansar Aziz told reporters in a Meet-the-Press that the work on already launched incomplete sectors would also be expatiated.
Daouk expatiated on "the necessity of checking the credibility of any piece of news before publishing it." The minister also quoted Charbel as saying that he was reassured about the adopted local security measures in light of the threats and challenges roaming Lebanon.
For every opportunity the ward-to-ward afforded him, Akinlade painstakingly expatiated on the covenant he has entered with the people of Ogun State while underscoring the uncommon emotional attachment he has with his home states.
The President also reiterated that building of the Cathedral is in fulfillment of the promise he made to God before winning the 2016 general elections, but foremost, the cathedral will be an act of thanksgiving to God 'for His blessings, favour, grace and mercy over our nation,' he expatiated.
He's expatiated upon the joys of teenage shotgun marriages and the selfishness of having fewer than "six or seven" kids.
This is the same party which, barely recently, boasted and challenged the whole world to prosecute them if they were found to be corrupt,' he expatiated.
He further expatiated that such basic training would cover airline passenger service, Aviation Security, among others.