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expatiate on (someone or something)

To speak or write about someone or something at length. Don't ask Uncle Harry about his collection of antique binoculars unless you want to hear him expatiate on it for hours on end.
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expatiate on someone or something

to say or write many words about someone or something. She expatiated endlessly on the evils of tobacco. I have heard you expatiate on Harry quite enough, thank you.
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The new program begins next month.The minister acknowledged the contribution of the expatiate community, but said that illegal activity will not be tolerated.
Jack Shafer of Slate was even inspired to expatiate at length on how it just goes to show how predictably liberal Harper's is these days.
One tends to suspect that this immensely gifted writer is playing the part of an immensely gifted writer, one eager to demonstrate how endlessly he can expatiate on his protagonist's haunted home or the uneducated simplicity of its intruders.
Oluwatoyin Ogindipe is elated to expatiate on the Bayreuth University's 'Africa Cluster of Excellence Award to the University that is among three other Centres so designated in Africa,' he said in a statement by the institution's Director, Research and Innovation, Prof.
"The only way we would not allow expatiate customers to purchase a water tanker or exclude them would be in the case that we feel they are acting suspicious, leading us to believe that he may be intending to sell the water outside the distribution center for a higher price and creating a black market," a source at the distribution center's office told Arab News, wishing to remain anonymous.
The President said that there was great potential of further increasing the foreign remittances, which could cross the $ 15 billion a year mark if the expatiate Pakistanis were offered adequate incentives.
It remains to be seen if expatiate families would approve of their sons spending a summer in the uniform of the Islamic Republic and being subject to extensive propaganda by the regime.
The public relations officer of the university, Mr Biodun Olarewaju, in a statement said all the agencies of government saddled with the responsibility of securing lives and property have been put on red alert, apart from the internal security mechanism which he did not expatiate on.
Amman, July 9 (Petra) - Minister of Foreign and Expatiate Affairs Ayman Safadi will visit the Belgian capital Brussels on Monday where he will co-chair with the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President of the Commission, Federica Mujerini, the 12th meeting of the European -Jordan Association Council.
Iranian community, centered in North Vancouver, probably has the largest criminal element of any expatiate Iranian community.
And my request to the concerned authorities and Information Minister is to kindly help citizens and expatiate community by removing all blocks from the Internet sites and in all related issues.
Reflecting on her own early experiences with literature, she allows that she had not been drawn to novels: "I had never gone on that quest for a socially specified self resembling me." Instead, "poetry answered so completely to my wish for a mirror of feelings that novels seemed by comparison overburdened, 'loose and baggy monsters,' and I cheerfully left them aside." Vendler suggests that "if the normal home of selfhood is the novel, which ideally allows many aspects of the self, under several forms, to expatiate and take on substance, then the normal home of 'soul' is the lyric, where the human being becomes a set of warring passions independent of time and space." Poetry, in short, is the genre in which the soul, not the self, speaks.
Al-Lamki delivered a speech where he highlighted the second stage of the e-linkage program for the expatriate manpower, the maximum number of expatriate manpower tested at the approved centres, the needs for adding some vaccines to the expatiate manpower and the report on the visits made the health centres at the labour exporting countries.
Mohajerani will serve as Karrubi's chief adviser on the expatiate community and is to lay out plans for making optimal use of the Diaspora in Iran's development.
Earlier, the residents of the Sector D-12 had demanded the CDA management to expatiate the development work in the said sector.