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expatiate on (someone or something)

To speak or write about someone or something at length. Don't ask Uncle Harry about his collection of antique binoculars unless you want to hear him expatiate on it for hours on end.
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expatiate on someone or something

to say or write many words about someone or something. She expatiated endlessly on the evils of tobacco. I have heard you expatiate on Harry quite enough, thank you.
See also: expatiate, on
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However, the authors expatiate sensibly upon their findings, and these latter will be of considerable value to other researchers in the field.
They are invariably longer, they go into greater detail on methodology and sources, they expatiate on the importance of their subject matter and the significance of history, and, very significantly, they eschew dedications to a named individual in favour of the impersonality of a third person singular address in a manner quite different from the first person singular intimacy of Luke's preface.
Earnest partisans of various of the 36 sites under consideration for the SSC buttonholed passersby in corridors to expatiate on the scenic, educational and commercial virtues of their neighborhoods.
Earlier, the residents of the Sector D-12 had demanded the CDA management to expatiate the development work in the said sector.
The net increase in the expatiate manpower stood at 135,477.
The minister acknowledged the contribution of the expatiate community, but said that illegal activity will not be tolerated.
It is not possible to expatiate on the social and cultural consequences of political policies and programmes which succumb to the undue (and unfair) pressures of some disgruntled groups which not only ask for tolerance, but which declare that the majority of the population are intolerant and wrong.
The President said that there was great potential of further increasing the foreign remittances, which could cross the $ 15 billion a year mark if the expatiate Pakistanis were offered adequate incentives.
Of course, limited space does not allow Clooney to expatiate fully on all aspects of this new discipline.
A votary of this school has only to open his mouth and expatiate upon the meaning of Pakistan -- usually to say it is a fortress of Islam -- and dark thoughts rush into my mind.
The UNSC must not also give up its role for some invisible "higher power," but it will rather fully exercised its powers to exert more pressure for all the UN member states and all the UN partnering parties to expatiate the apprehension of al-Bashir.
The treatment of Greek is derivative (from Proctor, Barker, and Lowry), repetitious, and above all out of all proportion to the minuscule part that Greek played in the overall economy of classical publishing-no more than twenty-six editions of ancient authors; though here Jones permits himself to expatiate on the contemporary aids to learning the language where in the Latin section the ancient grammarians Donatus, Priscian, and Diomedes, copiously printed, are passed over in silence.
Surely I don't need to expatiate on the sublime poetics therein or the beautiful images to which they give rise.
Their forecasts became too inside-baseball; they evolved into number-crunchers who could expatiate at length on minutiae, but failed to see the big picture.
Through his dialogo Casoni intended to expatiate on the thirty-nine manifestations of Love announced in the title, but he tired after the first six, and the treatise remains a torso.