expand (something) into (something)

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expand (something) into (something)

1. To become larger or more extensive. Don't pull the cord on that, or it will expand into a raft!
2. To make something larger or more extensive. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "expand" and "into." Don't expand that into a raft just yet—wait till we get to the lake. The publisher wants me to expand my short story into a novella.
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expand something into something

to enlarge something into something; to make something grow into something. She expanded her business into a national company. I would like to build on an addition to expand this room into a more usable space.
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expand into something

to grow into something; to enlarge into something. The little problem expanded into a big one in no time at all. In no time at all, the vegetable garden had expanded into a small farm.
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The company weathered the bursting bubble of the late '90s by expanding into residential rentals.
Mercury was expanding into what would become a key market area: silk-screened point-of-purchase signs of PS for the liquor and beer industry.
"We want to look at expanding into the rest of Quebec.
With little room to expand market share, Molinos will have to concentrate on cutting costs, boosting exports and expanding into non-traditional products like frozen foods to keep growing, contends Dario Lizzano, research chief at Banco Santander in Buenos Aires.
His model dispenses with the Big Bang and posits that we are part of a finite cloud of material forever expanding into otherwise empty space.
"NHP brings a vast amount of resources to the table, including significant buying power, proven business expertise and a focus on expanding into additional service areas related to multi-family housing."