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expand (one's) horizons

To have or seek out new experiences, especially if one's experiences have been relatively limited. I'm really nervous to live at school, but I know I need to expand my horizons and get some experience living without my family. I can't believe that Molly has never left the state before! She seriously needs to expand her horizons!
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expand (something) into (something)

1. To become larger or more extensive. Don't pull the cord on that, or it will expand into a raft!
2. To make something larger or more extensive. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "expand" and "into." Don't expand that into a raft just yet—wait till we get to the lake. The publisher wants me to expand my short story into a novella.
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expand (up)on (something)

To discuss a topic in more detail. This is such an important point that I'd like you to expand upon it when you revise your paper.
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expand into something

to grow into something; to enlarge into something. The little problem expanded into a big one in no time at all. In no time at all, the vegetable garden had expanded into a small farm.
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expand one's horizons

Fig. to experience and learn new things. Read more! Travel! Go out and expand your horizons!
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expand something into something

to enlarge something into something; to make something grow into something. She expanded her business into a national company. I would like to build on an addition to expand this room into a more usable space.
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expand (up)on something

 and enlarge (up)on something
Fig. to add detail to a report about something; to say more about something. Would you please expand upon that last remark? Would you care to enlarge upon your remarks?
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Career counselors might use the conceptual model generated from this study as a checklist to identify both contextual and psychological aspects of clients' learning experiences, which could serve as resources for or barriers to new learning and expanding education and career possibilities.
Interestingly, the Service, in INDOPCO, stated unequivocally that the 1980 legislation recognized that expenditures incurred in carrying on or expanding an existing business are generally deductible.
The bank is expanding its operations in the nation, which it considers a strategic market.
In the meantime, the managing partners are focusing on expanding their market into the United States.
TEI has an enviable record of interacting with government at all levels, a record that is increasingly global as our European Chapter has taken a lead in expanding our activities beyond Canada and the United States.
With a staff of six and revenues of approximately $250,000, a 500% increase since expanding, Norton's business has continued to grow even in a sluggish economy.
As the luster of some better-known global brands fade, emboldened entrepreneurs are expanding homegrown chains at home and abroad.
Bayer shutting down a SBR facility and expanding a NBR plant is an even trade to them.
It's as if all the galaxies occupy positions on a uniformly expanding grid, each galaxy moving at what is called its recession velocity.
Moreover, final demands had been unexpectedly strong, with economic activity and the associated demand for labor expanding at an unsustainable pace for some time, and it was unclear whether without policy action overall demands would moderate sufficiently to avoid increasing pressures on resources.
The new law helps alleviate these restrictions by increasing the maximum number of shareholders to 75 and expanding the types of trusts eligible to hold S corporation stock.
While Congress works toward this end, many state governments have already taken the lead in expanding the prohibition beyond clinical laboratories and the Medicare program.
Recent successes of people with disabilities in accessing the integrated labor market have been unprecedented, but the continuation of that momentum depends, in a large part, upon expanding the scope of job opportunities.
The company weathered the bursting bubble of the late '90s by expanding into residential rentals.
"We are looking at expanding further into Northern and southern Ontario and Montreal, where we already have customers," he says.