expand (something) into (something)

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expand (something) into (something)

1. To become larger or more extensive. Don't pull the cord on that, or it will expand into a raft!
2. To make something larger or more extensive. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "expand" and "into." Don't expand that into a raft just yet—wait till we get to the lake. The publisher wants me to expand my short story into a novella.
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expand something into something

to enlarge something into something; to make something grow into something. She expanded her business into a national company. I would like to build on an addition to expand this room into a more usable space.
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expand into something

to grow into something; to enlarge into something. The little problem expanded into a big one in no time at all. In no time at all, the vegetable garden had expanded into a small farm.
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Highly reactive adhesive polymers from the company can be crosslinked with UV radiation, and subsequently expanded into low density foamed adhesive systems.
The company expanded into rotary thermoforming because it "couldn't be competitive forming one sheet at a time," explains John Goldman.
POLLO CAMPERO: A 32-year veteran in the fast-food chicken business, this Guatemalan favorite has expanded into the rest of Central America and southern Mexico.
With the addition of GVA Nybolig Erhverv, GVA Whitney Cressman and GVA Hunter, GVA Worldwide has expanded into seven new markets in Denmark, California, Tennessee and Alabama.
Work quickly expanded into Northwestern Ontario and the Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay) office was opened in 1956 amid :he best pulp and paper country in the world.
and Brazil's Santista, have also expanded into the Argentine market.
The firm also struck an affiliation with Christie's Great Estates to be their exclusive Manhattan affiliate; has expanded into three states through the acquisitions of additional companies; and has grown to include over 350 professional brokers.
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