expand horizons

expand (one's) horizons

To have or seek out new experiences, especially if one's experiences have been relatively limited. I'm really nervous to live at school, but I know I need to expand my horizons and get some experience living without my family. I can't believe that Molly has never left the state before! She seriously needs to expand her horizons!
See also: expand, horizon

expand one's horizons

Fig. to experience and learn new things. Read more! Travel! Go out and expand your horizons!
See also: expand, horizon
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By doing so, The project aims to introduce methodological innovations that can expand horizons beyond textual and national analyses towards interdisciplinary models that contend with the multi-faceted and unconventional dimensions of the palestinian case, And generate a richer and more nuanced history of its literature.
SingularityNET is looking to expand horizons creating a decentralized AI network based on blockchain.
Khartoum, 29 Oct (SUNA)- The Undersecretary at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Abdul Ghani Nayem, met with the visiting US Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary (A/DAS) for Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, Sandra Oudkirk, currently on visit to the Sudan The US official pointed out in press statements following her meeting with the Undersecretary that the visit comes as confirmation of the new American policy towards the Sudan after the revocation of the economic sanctions, saying her country was ready to expand horizons of economic and trade cooperation with the Sudan.
Al-Mouallimi stressed that the signing of the agreement between the two countries comes as a desire by the two countries to strengthen relations, expand horizons of cooperation and support international peace and security issues.
For his part, Abadi congratulated the US President for his victory in the elections, and expressed Iraq's desire to expand horizons of important relationship between the two countries.
It also aims to market Lebanon in the Sultanate and expand horizons for Lebanese economic sectors in this promising market, in addition to developing bilateral economic, trade and investment relations and for activating cooperation between businessmen in the two countries.
This is an integral part of an university experience and we're extremely proud of the opportunities to expand horizons we offer here at Bangor.
He spotlights the need to expand horizons and consider the achievements of the four and the benefit that can be derived by English-speaking countries from closer study of the accomplishments of Nordic nations with very different economic and social policies.
Separately, Majali discussed with ‏the Dutch Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten ways to expand horizons of cooperation in security domains and combating terrorism and extremism, while benefiting from the experiences of the two countries.
Khalid Al-Dosari, a certified instructor, said such initiatives would expand horizons for coaches to reach out to others.
Moriyasu voiced Japan's adherence to provide all help and assistance in all areas to Yemen and expand horizons of mutual cooperation.
During the visit, discussions were held about potential bilateral ties between the UAE and Australia and ways to develop the partnership across various areas, in order to expand horizons for cooperation and joint action.
Service learning and mobile technologies can be used to expand horizons for both students and faculty in a variety of fields.
It confirms our intention to expand horizons of multidimensional cooperation for the further development of our economies for the benefit of our people," Satybaldiev said.
The Maryland Nurses Association is hosting the 110th Annual Convention to highlight the accomplishments of professional nurses who through their professional practice have helped expand horizons for better outcomes.